Zboard Z2 Best of CES 2015

There was a lot of cool stuff at CES this year—and plenty more we didn’t even get a chance to cover. But it was easy to pick the ZBoard 2 as one of our favorites. Our appreciation for the company’s first ZBoard is no secret; how can you not love an electric skateboard? The first one was fast, slick, and so much fun. The ZBoard 2 is everything the first one was and more, introducing a lighter, faster and overall better product.

It’s always difficult to improve upon a product that was already very solid. But the company took a lot of customer feedback to heart, which is where a lot of the changes made to the ZBoard 2 came from. But it’s not just a lighter, faster product; the ZBoard 2 also looks a lot cooler than the previous model. A little design refinement never hurt, and the new one definitely looks like something you’d be happy to cruise down the boardwalk on.

We had the opportunity to briefly test the ZBoard 2 out at CES, and we can’t wait to go for longer rides once the company starts shipping units out later this year. Once the temperatures start rising and the sun starts staying out longer, the ZBoard 2 will be the perfect companion for cruising along the beach, or even around your school’s campus.