Pebble has been a hit since launching early last year, and the company’s second iteration is even better. Through a healthy dose of updates and continued support, the experience has evolved into one of the most powerful smart watches on the market, and it now has the hardware to match, too, making for a premium product that is miles ahead of the competition. Because of that, we’ve chosen its new Steel smartwatch as one of TechnoBuffalo’s Best in Show. Can you blame us? Just look at that beautiful new design. If you haven’t been tempted by the smartwatch market before, the Pebble just might change your mind.

The Steel still offers tremendous battery life—rated at five to seven days of heavy use—an ePaper display, waterproof sealing, Gorilla Glass and a machine steel face instead of the plastic build used in the original. The new model is also thinner than Pebble’s previous design, and adds a neat little RGB LED to the lower left-hand corner so you know the status when you’re charging the device.

Pebble has a bright future ahead of it. Not only is a new device hitting the market later this month (for $249), but the company is set to introduce an app store, which will allow developers to create deeper experiences going forward. We haven’t been able to spend a substantial amount of time with Pebble just yet, but our brief experience with it was positive, and we love the new design; the core functionality is still there, which we absolutely love. When the Pebble begins shipping Jan. 28, it’ll be offered in a brushed stainless steel face or black matte designs.