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Nick Fury is the architect behind the mighty Avengers. He has a long history in the comic books, but he is best known for assembling the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks to him, we have people that can stand up against Thanos, Ultron, and other big baddies. He isn't the most exciting character but he does his fair share to keep the Avengers (and Captain Marvel) rolling. Here are the best Nick Fury action figures you can buy.

1990's Nick Fury: Captain Marvel Legends Series Nick Fury

Staff Favorite

Captain Marvel offered us a look at Nick Fury as we've never seen him before: a big lover of cats. This Legend Series action figure shows Nick Fury in his 90's-inspired suit alongside Goose, the lovable "cat" from the movie. It features multiple points of articulation and the right arm of the build-a-figure that completes Thanos.

$17 at Amazon

Nick Fury teams up with Iron Man: Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Nick Fury and Iron Man Figures

This Avengers: Age of Ultron set features Nick Fury alongside his sidekick, Iron Man. We're kidding, but this two-for-one set does offer a lot of versatility. Fury, in particular, comes with a bazooka and a shootable bullet meant to take down Ultron. As for Iron Man, his abilities need no explanation.

$50 at Amazon

Nick Fury in Winter Soldier: Hot Toys Nick Fury Action Figure

This Hot Toys Nick Fury action figure needs no introduction. Take one look at it and you'll know what makes it special. It could be the life-like design that actually makes it look like Samuel L. Jackson at 12 inches tall. It could also be the 30 points of articulation, removable left eye patch, or the arm sling. Frankly, this figure is amazing.

$241 at Amazon

Original Nick Fury: Marvel Legend Series Nick Fury Action Figure

We're used to seeing Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, but he looks very different in his original design. In this Legends Series action figure inspired by his comic book looks, we get a lean Fury with a five-o'clock shadow. He does still have the eyepatch, however. He comes with two additional faces, a blaster, and the left arm of the build-a-figure of Giant-Man.

$35 at Amazon

Nick Fury vs. Sub-Ultron: Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron Nick Fury and Sub-Ultron

In this Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron set, Nick Fury is taking on a new form of Ultron — Sub-Ultron, who's a smaller version of the robot with six spider-like legs and menacing arms. Fury, for his part, looks rather relaxed in a casual outfit that includes a leather jacket and his signature eye patch.

$9 at Amazon

Nick Fury joins Captain America: Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Nick Fury and Captain America

This re-imagining paints a much different take than the one we see in the MCU. Instead of the calm and reserved Fury, he is ready to crack some skulls with multiple weapons at his disposal. It doesn't hurt that he has a new Captain America to keep him company.

$74 at Amazon

Avengers Assemble

Nick Fury has largely been seen a bystander to the heroics of the Avengers in the MCU movies, but he straps on some weapons and does the heavy lifting when he needs to. We get both comics and movie versions with the various actions figures that are available of Nick Fury.

Our favorite is the Captain Marvel Legends Series Nick Fury. Though wearing a suit, he is ready to fight some bad guys with his gun and he even has Goose the Cat to keep him company while he does so.

A runner up only by price is the Hot Toys Nick Fury Action Figure. This is the best Nick Fury action figure you can but its hefty price tag puts a damper on how impressive this action figure is. If money was no option, this would be the one we would go for.

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