Best Model Train Set TechnoBuffalo 2022

A model train is a good gift for children, fun for collectors, and unique addition to your room's decor. There are trainsets that are just to look at, some that move around a track, and sets that are safe for kids to handle. There are even train building sets that you can put together, take down, the build again. Here are several model train sets to please your train lover.

Lionel The Polar Express Model Train Set

Best overall: Lionel The Polar Express Remote Model Train Set

For kids and adults

Lionel has several iconic replicas of famous trains and this one is a smaller scale of the Polar Express. It includes the engine, coal car and two passenger cars. It comes with 73 inches of track that form an oval. Track extension pieces are available to make it larger. This model train set moves around the track and is controlled by a remote.

$80 from Amazon
Bachmann Trains Rail Chief Electric Train Set

Best electric train set: Bachmann Trains Rail Chief Electric Train Set

For kids and adults

This electric train set looks like an exact replica of a BNSF Railway freight train. It runs on nearly four feet of rails and includes four cars on top of the engine. This 130 piece set also has a signal bridge, miniature people and trees, and power lines. You can add outbuildings and more track to create a spectacular scene for display or play.

$135 from Amazon
Wood Trick Wooden Train Set

Best wooden train set: Wood Trick Wooden Train Set with Railway

This rain set is made completely of wood. The pieces come pre-cut along with the instructions to properly assemble it. The set includes a locomotive and a passenger car with several of the gears and interworkings visible when completed. It rests on a wooden train track and when complete it stands eight inches high and over 32 inches long.

$65 from Amazon
Orbrium Toys Deluxe Wooden Train Set

Best model train for kids: Orbrium Toys 52 Pcs Wooden Train Set

The Orbrium Toys wooden train set is perfect for train-loving kids. The tracks snap together like a puzzle piece and include a bridge. Some street signs and towns buildings also come with this model train set. The wooden storage box can be inverted to create a tunnel for the train to chug along through.

$30 from Amazon

Best train building set: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set

The LEGO train set comes with an exact replica of the Hogwarts Express - the train features in the Harry Potter movies. The 801 piece set includes figurines of the story's heroes, Harry Potter, Hermine Granger, and Ron Weasely, and instructions to build King's Cross station and Platform 9 3/4.

$64 from Amazon
Hot Bee Train Set

Most detailed model train set: Hot Bee Train Set

This electric train set has a lot of fun, interactive details. For example, the steam locomotive gives off steam just like a real engine. It also has all the bells and whistles and lights found on a full-sized train. This model train set comes with enough track to make a 37-inch round railway or a 66-foot oval one.

$40 from Amazon

Choo Choo!

The Polar Express model train set is one of the best. It comes with a lot of track so you can display or run it at any time. Additional track pieces are available to expand where it can go, plus you can add buildings and figurines to create a wintery scene.

We recommend the Bachmanns Trains Rail Chief train set. This model is an exact replica of the BNSF Railway, complete with cargo cars and a freight engine. This large set comes with figurines, rail, and street signs, and power poles to recreate a model of the BNSF train route. You can easily add more track and scenery to create an impressive work of art.

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