TechnoBuffalo Mobile Madness 2013 - Round 1

With March underway, the NCAA college basketball tournament is starting up and there’s something exciting about single-loss elimination scenarios that put extra emphasis on match-ups. We thought we’d run our own version of March Madness, Mobile Madness, where we pit (by random draw) mobile phone to mobile phone and allow our readers to crown the TechnoBuffalo Mobile Madness winner.

We’ve compiled a list of 16 mobile phones that we’ve personally unboxed, had our hands-on, and/or reviewed. We randomly selected the head to head parings by selecting phones from my magical jewel encrusted goblet (very scientific and official). We understand no matter how we paired these match-ups, someone will always complain, but hey this is all for fun.

We will keep each poll open for 24 hours and unveil the winner of each round. From there the winner moves on to the next round.

We have nearly weekly discussions within the TechnoBuffalo editorial staff on these same discussions, “HTC One vs. the Galaxy S4”, “BB Z10 vs. iPhone 5”, “Cake or Pie”. We’re sure many of you have the same conversation amongst your friends, and people often look to you when selecting a phone. So now it is your turn.

So without further adieu, I present to you the 16 phones that will face off in TechnoBuffalo’s Mobile Madness:

First Round:

March 20 LG Nexus 4 Vs Droid RAZR MAXX HD
March 21 HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy Note II
March 22 Asus PadFone Vs Samsung Odyssey ATIV
March 23 Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Kyocera Torque
March 24 HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly Vs HTC Windows 8X
March 25 Apple iPhone 5 Vs LG Optimus G Pro
March 26 Sony Xperia Z Vs BlackBerry Z10
March 27 ZTE Grand Memo Vs Nokia Lumia 920

Second Round:

March 28 Winner of March 20 Vs Winner of March 21
March 29 Winner of March 22 Vs Winner of March 23
March 30 Winner of March 24 Vs Winner of March 25
March 31 Winner of March 26 Vs Winner of March 27

Final Four:

April 1 Winner of March 28 Vs Winner of March 29
April 2 Winner of March 30 Vs Winner of March 31


April 3 Winner of April 1 Vs Winner of April 3

Check back with us daily as we crown your Mobile Madness Champion for 2013!

PS: This is the only post in all of TechnoBuffalo where “FTW” can be used in proper context.