Thanksgiving got you down? Sure, it could be the tryptophan in the turkey. Or, it could be some good, ol’ fashioned family fighting and obnoxious relatives. Mmm, mmm, holidays.

Looking to duck out for a bit and escape into an alternate reality? Bust out your mobile device and give one of these games a go. No, they aren’t free. At this point, you’ll pay anything to take a break from the madness.

Don’t lie to yourself.

Banner Saga 2 – Android, iOS – $4.99

Thanksgiving with family (especially after a bitterly contested Presidential election) can be a slog. You know what else can be a slog? Banner SagaBanner Saga 2 is the sequel to what is one of the most grueling gaming experiences I’ve ever played.

Slap on some headphones, watch the recap of the original game and dive face first into tactical battles, intense gameplay, moments of sorrow and terror and some of the toughest decisions you’ll make as a player. Banner Saga 2 is a beautiful game that’s well worth its price.

Android | iOS

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions – Android, iOS – $9.99

At just about 10 bucks this is the priciest game on the list. It’s also a really good one that drips with polish.

Geometry Wars has been a favorite of mine since the original. Dodge incoming madness, shoot it down and watch as shapes explode into delicious blasts of color and light. The music and movement is intense, and the arcade style is welcome on mobile devices.

Pricey? Yes, but it’s also a great distraction.

Android | iOS

Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator – Android, iOS – $1.99

There might not be a single game on this list that could serve you and your arguments better during Thanksgiving than this one. Oh…Sir! is a wildly unique title that tasks players with comboing words and testing character downfalls in order to win verbal battles.

Just watch the trailer above. It’s bizarre, and this is the cheapest game on our list if you’re on a budget. Oh…Sir! will give you a laugh, for sure.

Android | iOS

SteamWorld Heist – iOS – $6.99

With this article, I tried to pick games that both iOS and Android users can play. I’m on Android myself, and I definitely hate exclusivity. With that said, I own this one on Nintendo 3DS and PC. It’s that good, and I don’t want iOS users to miss it.

SteamWorld Heist is, essentially, a 2D form of XCOM with a sense of humor. It’s a great intro to tactical strategy games, and it was one of my favorites when it dropped on the Nintendo 3DS in 2015. Pick it up!


twofold inc. – Android, iOS – $3.99

twofold inc. is easily the most chill game I have on my phone right now. I load it up when I need to relax, and the puzzle mechanics, art and music all calm me right down.

The game has a quick tutorial that explains the basic idea, but your goal is to connect squares of a similar color. Not only that, you need to connect the right amount of squares in order to satisfy tasks in order to move on to new stages. It can be tough at times, but boy is it relaxing.

Android | iOS

There are a whole lot more games out there than these. What do you recommend for a holiday break? Please. Tell me. I need to know.