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Most home cooks consider a set of mixing bowls an indispensable addition to their kitchen cupboards. As well as for baking, caking, and pancake-making, mixing bowls serve their purpose as somewhere to mix and make salads, a place to marinate proteins, and as containers to hygienically store food in the fridge or freezer. When mixing bowl shopping, you need to consider capacity, how easy they are to store when not in use, and whether you'd find a pouring spout, handles, and even lids useful. Our selection covers you for all such bowl-themed wish-lists.

Nordic Ware Mixing Bowls

Multiple quart capacities: Nordic Ware Prep & Serve mixing bowl set

Staff Pick

We love these bowls as they look good enough to use for serving to the table. Made of food-safe, heavy-duty plastic, they nest inside each other for storage. Microwave and dishwasher safe, they also have slip-free silicone bottoms.

$30 at Amazon
OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl

2-quart capacity: OXO Good Grips batter bowl

Designed especially for mixing batter, although obviously, you could use it for other foodstuffs, this bowl has bright red measurement markings for easy visibility, a soft, non-slip handle, and a non-skid base. The high sides prevent splatter, while the wide lip and spout allow for drip-free pouring.

$15 at Amazon
Good Cook Mixing Bowls

8, 9, & 10-inch diameters: Good Cook plastic mixing bowl set

This lightweight, cheerful, and affordable set is perfect for occasional cooks. Nesting for easy storage, they have contoured dripless pour spouts, a non-slip rubber ring on the base, and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

$12 at Amazon
Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

4.25-quart capacity: Mason Cash cream mixing bowl

A traditional kitchen classic, Mason Cash's beautiful stoneware mixing bowls have been used by generations of home cooks thanks to their chip-resistant materials. You may be more familiar with the beige "cane" color, but we like this elegant cream option.

$20 at Amazon
Cusinart Mixing Bowl

1.5 to 5-quart capacities: Cuisinart Chef's classic mixing bowls

As the name would suggest, this is a no-nonsense, classic mixing bowl set from quality kitchenware brand Cuisinart. Each stainless steel bowl has a matching plastic lid, and they are dishwasher and freezer safe.

$27 at Amazon
Wildone Mixing Bowls

Sturdy stainless steel: Wildone stainless steel nesting bowls with airtight lids and grater attachments

This capable set is an affordable way to sort your mixing needs with five different size premium grade stainless steel bowls. The bowls get BPA-free lids, non-slip bases, and measurement marks, and you get a free set of three graters that fit inside the lid of the largest bowl.

$40 at Amazon
Rorence Mixing Bowls

Easy spout and handle: Rorence stainless steel non-slip mixing bowls with pour spout, handle and lid

These mixing bowls are similar to others we've featured, but with one crucial difference — they have an ergonomic, easy-to-hold handle. This makes this set an excellent choice for anyone with limited motor skills, as does the non-slip base and lightweight construction.

$34 at Amazon
Joseph Joseph Mixing Bowls

Bold colors: Joseph Joseph nesting bowls set

We adore these colorful designer options that give you a large and a small mixing bowl, a stainless-steel mesh sieve, a large colander, a set of measuring cups, and a tablespoon measure all in a tidy stacking nest to minimize the required storage space.

$27 at Amazon
Dowan Mixing Bowls

Lasting ceramic: Dowan ceramic mixing and serving bowl set

Small, but perfectly formed, this mixing bowl set is perfect for couples who don't need huge capacity options and don't have kids around to worry about them smashing the china. In attractive blue hues, it's an elegant option for classy kitchens.

$38 at Amazon
Oggi Mixing Bowls

Multisize trio: Oggi white mixing bowl set

A basic budget option with a no-frills design, this threesome nestles into each other, can go in the freezer, and is top-rack dishwasher safe. Made from lightweight but durable melamine, it's a functional solution for practical cooks.

$16 at Amazon

Bowled over

Traditionalists might prefer to go down the ceramics route for their mixing bowl choice. A Mason Cash product, like the stoneware Mason Cash cream mixing bowl we're highlighting is an absolute classic and, if looked after, will serve you for generations.

Professional chefs tend to opt for practical and durable stainless steel mixing bowls. The Cuisinart Chef's classic mixing bowls set comes in three useful sizes, complete with handy plastic lids.

If you're "just" a home cook, you might want to consider a standard serving bowl set in cheap and cheerful plastic that looks good enough to go from kitchen to table, picnic blanket, or potluck supper. Our overall staff pick, the Nordic Ware Prep & Serve mixing bowl set is an attractive option that does just that.

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