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More and more people are opting to prep their meals for the week ahead of time, whether it's for convenience, health reasons, or even school lunches. The market's flooded with choices; some are made of glass, but not all glass containers are alike (and most feel rather weighty). Plastic comprises most meal prep containers you can buy, and you might be concerned about microwaving your lunch in them. Rest assured, today's food-grade plastic is almost exclusively BPA-free and far safer than that ancient Tupperware in your pantry. Below you'll find our favorite meal prep containers, both glass, and plastic—see which one's right for you.

Prep Naturals Glass Compartment Meal Prep Container

Best overall: Prep Naturals 3-Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers (5-Pack)

Staff pick

Bento-box style prep containers are incredibly convenient, with divided compartments for different foods. Prep Naturals came out on top amongst the competition with their leakproof, borosilicate glass containers. This makes them extra-durable and able to handle sudden shifts in temperature without shattering. The included utensil set inside the lid compartment is an added plus, and solidifies its spot on our list as the best overall.

$35 at Amazon
Rubbermaid Take Alongs 3 Sizes

Best value: Rubbermaid 25-Piece TakeAlongs Meal Prep Containers

Snacks, sandwiches, side dishes, and more have their very own divisions inside Rubbermaid's TakeAlongs meal prep containers. While they may not be oven-safe, they're entirely usable in your microwave, freezer, and washable (on the top rack of your dishwasher only). Their lids click firmly shut, thanks to Rubbermaid's QuikClik seal. Offered in two vivid colorways, you'll never have to wonder which lunch is yours again.

$25 at Amazon
Simplehouseware 6pc Meal Prep Containers

Lightweight and colorful: SimpleHouseware Reusable 3-Compartment Meal Prep Containers

Sold in 6-piece and 16-piece packs, Simple Houseware's triple-compartment meal prep containers are bright, seal tight, and feather-light. Like all plastic containers, they'll melt in your oven; but they're safe to freeze and/or otherwise heat. Their capacity is sufficient for any entrée, and the multiple compartments help to keep different parts of your meal separate. There's room for your main dish, a side, and a small dessert.

$13 at Amazon
Ello Duraglass Meal Prep Container

Shatter-proof sleeve: Ello Duraglass Meal Prep Containers with Silicone Sleeve and Airtight Lids

Brighten up your entire week of lunches in a snap with Ello's BPA-free Duraglass meal prep containers. Leakproof lids and a cleverly designed silicone sleeve prevent spills and accidental breakage. Ello also sells an additional set with mixed container sizes, which is convenient for customized portioning. The containers themselves are oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe, but it's recommended to wash the lids by hand.

$40 at Amazon
Igluu Round Meal Prep Containers

Soup or salad?: Igluu Reusable BPA-Free Meal Prep Containers

Extra-secure tab-locked lids and a 28-ounce capacity make these meal prep containers from Igluu ideal for soups, salads, or grain bowls. They're also made with thicker plastic than most comparable containers. If you tend to batch-freeze your cooking, these containers will work excellently to store and stack pasta sauce, stews, and soups in your freezer.

$15 at Amazon
Crest 10pc Glass Meal Prep Containers

Color code: C-Crest 10-Piece Airtight Glass Meal Prep Containers with Lids

The food you eat every day should look like a rainbow, chock-full of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Why not bring that variety to your weekly meal prep? It's easy, with C-Crest's glass containers; they keep your prepped meals appetizing and bright. They're available in five muted neon shades or a multi-pack containing each one. Their locking, silicone-sealed lids are top-rack dishwasher safe—just don't leave them on when you microwave your lunch.

$30 at Amazon

Perfect your portioning

Glass or plastic—that's what it will come down to when choosing your meal prep containers. Glass adds the advantage of being oven safe. In contrast, plastic won't feel as bulky in your lunchbox.

Portion control and snug lid gaskets are an essential duo of features you'll want in your prep containers. They're demonstrated exceptionally well by Prep Naturals 3-Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers. Glass containers tend to have tighter lids, contributing to less leakage; and these are some of the only glass containers we saw offered with divided sections.

If you'd prefer plastic instead, Rubbermaid's TakeAlongs meal prep containers are a fantastic choice, and you get multiple sizes in one package. I bought my own set a couple of years ago, and love them. Surprisingly, they still look brand new despite regular use, and they nest neatly in your cabinets as well.

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