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You can revitalize your tired mattress with the help of a mattress topper. These comfortable bed-boosting additions provide a little lift for added comfort. Whether they're fluffy foam or a cushy pillow top, these mattress accessories elevate your bed's relaxation status, providing much-need support for a restful night's sleep. Restore your bed to its former glory with our favorite mattress toppers.

Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Foam Mattress Topper Render

Sink in and cool down: Linenspa gel-infused foam mattress topper

Staff Pick

You'll sink into bed with the plush comfort of this soft, contouring foam mattress topper. The cushy memory foam flexes to support every curve, providing cloud-like softness and support. It's also detailed with gel beads designed to manage temperature and provide a cool sleeping surface. This essential topper is available in both 2 and 3-inch thicknesses and a variety of sizes to exceed your mattress needs.

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Oaskys Mattress Pad Cover Render

Plush protection: oaskys mattress pad cover

If you're looking to infuse a little comfort into your mattress pad, this option is a pad and topper in one. The easy cover hugs your bed with pillowy softness, embracing it with the ease of a fitted sheet. It even keeps your mattress cool, the surface shaped in soft, breathable cotton. While it protects your mattress, the cushioned down-alternative fill will cradle you in comfort. This must-have mattress pad is hypoallergenic, machine washable, and available in a variety of size options.

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Lucid Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Render

Ultra memorable: Lucid ventilated gel memory foam mattress topper

Layer your mattress with the plush luxury of this body-loving memory foam topper. It's crafted from silhouette snuggling foam that easily fits your shape, offering support and pressure relief. The foam is detailed with heat-releasing beads and ventilation to keep the surface cool as you sleep. Depending on the level of softness you prefer, this mattress topper is available in 2 and 3-inch thickness options. Choose from a variety of sizes to make this dreamy topper yours.

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Milemont Gel Memory Foam Matress Topper Render

Keep it cool: Milemont gel memory foam mattress topper

Cool and cushion your less-than-comfortable mattress with this relaxing topper. Constructed of accommodating memory foam, the airy plush layer enhances your bed with stress-free support. The foam is blended with a cooling gel designed to control temperature and eliminate heat. This mattress topper is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes to compliment your mattress.

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Tempur Pedic Tempur Proform Supreme Render

Top of the line: Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR ProForm Supreme 3-inch mattress topper

Tempur-Pedic is a brand that is synonymous with comfort, their memory foam mattresses designed to offer supreme comfort. You can translate this premium luxury to your mattress with the help of the brand's memory foam mattress topper. With three inches of medium-firm TEMPUR cushioning, this contouring layer provides the ultimate supportive surface. The topper is accompanied by a washable cover to protect your investment from dirt, dust, allergens, and more. With a variety of available size options, you'll find the perfect fit for your bed.

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Karrism Extra Thick Mattress Topper Render

Quilted luxury: KARRISM extra thick mattress topper

Dreams do come true with this super-plush quilted mattress topper by KARRISM. This quilted cotton layer is the epitome of opulence, plush squares inflated with the luxurious comfort of fluffy down-alternative fill. The topper attaches easily with deep elastic pockets, providing a secure fit as you sleep. The best part? When the mattress topper needs a refresh, it pops right into the washing machine. Choose from the available size options to upgrade your mattress.

From $70 at Amazon

Bed down

If your mattress is making you restless, it's time to increase the comfort level with a mattress topper. Toppers transform any nightmare mattress into a dreamy oasis, perfect for restorative slumber. To achieve a glorious night's sleep, our first choice is the Linenspa gel-infused foam mattress topper. This comfy, contouring layer is crafted from plush memory foam, offering personalized comfort and support. The foam is detailed with cooling gel beads that diffuse heat and provide a cool sleeping surface. With two different thickness options and a variety of size selections, this mattress topper is an easy choice.

If you're not a fan of memory foam, an extra-comfy quilted option like the KARRISM extra thick mattress topper won't let you down. This luxurious, plush topper has pillowy quilts filled with a ton of cushy down-alternative fill. The soft surface has a lighter-than-air feel and is shaped in breathable cotton for extra softness.

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