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Mason jars are useful for pickling, preserving jams and jellies, salads, or general storage around your home. They also make lovely gift containers you can decorate to give away homemade goodies. We've put together a collection of the best mason jars for your kitchen, home, and gifting needs.

Ball Regular Mouth 16oz Mason Jar

Best for pickling: Ball Regular Mouth 16oz, Set of 4

Staff Pick

When you think of mason jars, this brand and size are probably the first to come to mind -- and with good reason. They've been around for over 100 years, serving as the perfect container for everything from candles to herbs.

$12 at Amazon
Ball 4oz quilted crystal

Best for jellies: Ball 4oz Quilted Crystal, Set of 6

Store your spices, honey, or make small candles in these 4oz mini mason jars.

$17 at Amazon

Best for crafts: KAMOTA 16oz, Set of 12

Smooth glass sides mean that these 16oz jars are perfect for painting, or adding labels for names, ingredients, or gifts.

$21 at Amazon
Ball Regular Mouth 32oz Mason Jars

Best for tall veggies: Ball Regular Mouth 32oz, Set of 2

These regular mouth 32oz. jars are great for storing larger veggies like pickles or asparagus. They can keep food for up to 18 months, and they're BPA free.

$10 at Amazon
VERONES 4oz Jelly

Best for small spices: VERONES 4oz Jelly, Set of 16

These come with 16 extra lids so you can seal them twice before you need to buy anything additional. You'll also be able to quickly identify each jar with the included chalkboard labels.

$20 at Amazon
Ball Wide Mouth 64oz, Set of 12

Best for juices: Ball Wide Mouth 64oz, Set of 12

Store apple or grape juices in these large, 64oz jars. They're also excellent for kombucha and sourdough starters.

$33 at Amazon
Ball Wide Mouth 16oz, Set of 6

Best for fruit butters: Ball Wide Mouth 16oz, Set of 6

Make it easy to access every last bit of salsas, sauces, and fruit butters in these wide mouth mason jars.

$20 at Amazon

Best for honey: KAMOTA 10oz, Set of 12

Short and sweet, these 10oz jars are perfect for fruit spreads and honey because of their rounded shape. You'll find 20 whiteboard labels included to use as gift tags, or reminders for the contents of each jar.

$20 at Amazon
Homemade Perfect 1.5oz Hexagon Mini

Best for gifting: Homemade Perfect 1.5oz Hexagon, Set of 24

Checkered red and blue lids are the signature package for homemade jams, jellies, or other condiments. The lids also come in four solid colors.

$20 at Amazon
Libbey County Fair Glass Drinking Jars, Set of 12

Best for drinking: Libbey County Fair Glass Drinking Jars, Set of 12

Get a solid grasp on your drink with the attached handle on these mason jars.

$23 at Amazon

Best for small crafts: KAMOTA 4oz, Set of 12

Unlike most jars that can hold 4oz, these feature smooth glass sides with no pattern, making it easy to apply paint, labels, and other decorations.

$19 at Amazon

Sealin' away

When most people think of mason jars, the Ball Regular Mouth 16oz is first to come to mind, which is why it made the top of our list. The size is perfect for handling your pickling tasks, but also for storing sauces, honey, juice, or anything else you want to seal! Plus, you can use them for dry goods after you break their seal if you don't want to replace the lids.

For those who are making jams or jellies, consider the Ball 4oz Quilted Crystal jars. Their glass pattern will accentuate any fruit spread, and it's the perfect size for a gift.

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