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The MacBook Pro is Apple's most powerful laptop. It's perfect for professionals and those who want a little extra power from their everyday computers. However, these computers are expensive. If you want to keep your investment protected, a proper case is the best way to do it.

The best protection: Incase Hardshell Case

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Arguably, the best case you can buy for your MacBook Pro is the Incase Hardshell Case. The form-fitting case made of ABS plastic hugs the laptop snugly while still offering a slim profile with machine-precise cut-outs for easy access to the ports. It's lightweight, unique, and colorful with nine options to choose from.

$50 at Incase

Professional protection: ProCase Hard Case

The ProCase Hard Shell is another great option. Tailor-made to fit like a glove on the new MacBook Pro, it offers plenty of protection while still providing easy access to the USB-C ports on both sides. As an added bonus, you also get a skin cover for the keyboard.

$17 at Amazon

Complete package: Mosiso Plastic Hard Case

An old standby is the Mosiso Plastic Hard Case, which offers complete protection through its plastic hard shell, which was built to take dings. But that's not why it's a complete package; that would be the included keyboard skin cover, screen protector, and storage bag. It's a nice bonus.

$16 at Amazon

Go for style: Pad & Quill Cartella Slim Case

For as great as the MacBook Pro looks, it is also a very familiar, now boring design. Retrofitting it with the Pad & Quill Cartella Slim Case is a way to add some flair while still protecting your expensive computer. The cover is made of Buckram Linen and has a strong and durable spine that bends and contorts with your laptop.

$100 at Pad & Quill

Pattern infusion: iLeadon Hard Shell Case

Here's where we have a little fun. We've already suggested some very cool and colorful cases, but the iLeadon Hard Shell Case takes that to the next level with an infusion of colorful patterns like Peony Flower and Gliding Marble. They mesh multiple striking colors onto a case that looks good and stays protective.

$21 at Amazon

Pure Clear: Tech21 Pure Clear Case

Don't want to cover up the stunning hardware of your MacBook Pro? Tech21's Pure Clear Case offers all the protection while still showing off your computer. It's made of a thin, clear material that's lined with a BulletShield bumper on the edges to protect it from unexpected falls. Its composition will prevent anti-yellowing as well, allowing for years of use.

$90 at Tech21

Snap protection: Incase Snap Jacket

The Incase Snap Jacket is one of the most unique cases you can buy for the MacBook Pro. It combines two traditional snap cases, melded together by an outer faux leather material that created a protective hinge reminiscent of a book. It's unique, stylish, and is available in five colors including Black, Rose Quartz and Gold.

$70 at Incase

An earthy finish: TheWoodWe Mac Skin

TheWoodWee Mac Skin stands out for its wood finish that instantly catches the eye. The handmade covers are more like protective vinyls than traditional cases, but the cover goes over the top and bottom, protecting your laptop from scratches. The installation is super easy, with a handy tutorial video to lead the way.

$82 at Etsy

Go with leather: Fintie Leather Case

Going with the Fintie Leather Case is all about luxury. Using premium synthetic leather for the exterior, this case looks classy, particularly in the Vintage Brown finish that looks like a centuries-old book. Besides the impressive design, it will also protect your MacBook from unforeseen damage..

$19 at Amazon

The smart option: Speck SmartShell Case

Speck makes fantastic cases for iPhones, so it should come as no surprise it also makes a pretty awesome case for the MacBook Pro. Its SmartShell Case provides the protection of a hard shell without adding too much bulk. Its see-through finish also continues to wear the impressive MacBoook design, highlighting that classic Apple logo.

$53 at Amazon

Gem of a case: Tech21 Evo Gem Case

This is the second time Tech21 shows up on our list and rightfully so. Its Evo Gem Case for the MacBook delivers on its trusted build quality, but throws in the wrinkle of offering a unique gem pattern while still showing off the MacBook Pro's impressive hardware. The Bulletshield material won't yellow over time and it'll take the wear and tear of carrying your laptop out and about.

$90 at Tech21

Your MacBook Pro needs protection too

It's a fine line to keep your MacBook Pro protected. You want the protection, but you also want to maintain that aesthetic beauty. Finding the right balance is harder than it should. You can either get a case that adds to it or just shows it off. We included a little bit of both in our selections.

Our favorite is the Incase Hardshell Case. It provides both a unique style while showing off the MacBook Pro design with a see-through finish available in multiple colors. That is a major selling point for MacBook Pro case as it is one of the items people love to customize the most.

Another one we really like is the ProCase Hard Case. It also delivers the protection you seek while adding a unique colorful finish to your MacBook Pro setup.

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