Every workflow is different, and every computer is different. When it’s your job to find and post news stories throughout the day, keeping a convenient and productive environment can make working so much easier. I’m sure there are hundreds of really good apps and extensions available that I haven’t seen, but these are the three that I use on a daily basis. Without them, I honestly don’t think I’d get anything done. At least, not very efficiently.

What are your favorites?



HyperDock is the single handiest app I’ve ever used. This should really be a core part of OS X (I know that’ll never happen). I’ve always been jealous of Windows 7’s implementation of application window previews, but never realized just how incredibly convenient the feature was until I started using HyperDock.

Not only can you quickly preview an app’s current state by hovering over the app’s icon in the dock, but you can snap applications to certain portions of your screen for better windows management. In addition, when you have multiple browser windows open, or word documents, hovering over the application’s icon will show you a preview of each window that’s currently open. This makes it much easier to choose precisely what you want to work on.

Other features include quick peeks at iCal events, and control over iTunes as well. I haven’t mastered any of the app’s shortcuts, but those options are there if that’s something you require in a program. HyperDock is absolutely a must-have to keep a workflow productive and smooth. It’s light, out of the way, and offers plenty of really great features that improves the OS X experience by miles. [$9.99, Developer Website, iTunes link]



I’ve read quite a bit about 1Password and considered using it on many occasions, but could never pull the trigger because of its higher price of admission. I finally did in November, and I can’t believe I didn’t sooner. Now I don’t have to constantly reset my password every time I want to look at my bank account balance.

There’s been a lot of controversy around online passwords, and the future of how they’ll be handled in the future. 1Password is probably the most convenient and safest way to protect yourself in this crazy world we call the Internet. The program allows users to create secure, unique and encrypted information; store multiple logins, licenses, and receipts, and even sync across multiple devices so you have access anywhere you go.

I haven’t had a single issue since downloading 1Password, and it’s made my life logging into websites so much easier. I have a terrible memory, so my brain is so much happier now. Yours probably will be too once you start using the service. [$49.99, iTunes link]



I never liked the look of Google Reader, and always found myself accidentally deleting the tab the service was open in. Hounding news stories, constantly perusing through stories is a must, and Reeder makes it that much easier (and beautiful).

Reeder is visually similar to OS X’s Mail app, with a main window on the right, and two smaller panes on the left. The far left pane shows all of your subscription, the one beside that shows your unread news stories, and the biggest pane displays a snippet of that story. If you want to read something later, you can star that article, or you can save it to other social services (or message, or email, etc.).

There are a slew of customization options, along with gestures and shortcuts, which makes Reeder that much easier to use. When you need to keep track of multiple websites, applications like Reeder are a must. I don’t think I could ever go without it. [$9.99, iTunes link]

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