Best litter boxes for cats TechnoBuffalo 2021

The act of using a litter box is surprising instinctual to cats. However, finding the right litter box for your furry feline could be trickier for some. We all know that litter boxes aren't the most pleasing sights, but there is a variety from which to choose, especially if you have a picky cat. Here is a list of the best ones.

Sifting litter box: Pet mate 42036 arm & hammer large sifting litter pan

This is a quick-cleaning, scoop-free solution with the power of Arm & Hammer's antimicrobial protection to prevent odors. This litter box features two regular pans and a sifting pan, and it requires no shaking or scooping. Just lift the sifting pan, and it will sort out the soiled litter. This will keep your little fresher for longer.

$17 from Amazon

Top-entry litter box: IRIS top entry cat litter box with cat litter scoop

A fashionable litter box choice; this top entry box prevents the scattering of litter and keeps other household pets out. Designed with a large top opening and grooved lid, which helps remove litter from the cat's paws when they exit. This stylish choice comes with a matching scoop and has rounded corners, making it easy to clean. There are multiple color options.

$33 from Amazon

Basic litter pan: Petmate litter pan

Some cats don't like the confines of a hood, or they may be getting older and can no longer make the jump into a hooded or top entry box. That's where this simple design comes in handy. Constructed of durable, order-resistant plastic, this litter pan is perfect for fulfilling your feline's basic needs.

$20 from Amazon

Hidden litter box: Good pet stuff company hidden cat litter box

Combining home decor with your kitty's bathroom needs will now be your best-kept secret! Featuring what looks like a real clay pot, a high-quality plant, decorative moss, and a dust filter, this litter box doubles as an attractive house plant. There is a filtered vented system to help prevent odors. All you need to do is add litter, and you are all set!

$57 from Amazon

Jumbo box with scoop: IRIS jumbo litter box with litter scoop

This litter box offers a simple design and features a box lid with a flap entry door. Its jumbo size allows your furry friend the space he needs to take care of business while containing litter inside. It has a curved bottom and a storage spot for the scoop, making cleaning quick and easy.

$20 from Amazon

Self-cleaning litter box: PetSafe scoopgree ultra automatic self cleaning hooded cat litter box

Take the leg work out of cleaning your cat's litter box with this automatic self-cleaning litter box — no more scooping or refilling for weeks. Featuring crystal litter, which removes five times more odor and is 99% dust-free, this box has covered disposable trays that you simply remove and throw away. The best thing about this litter box is you can monitor how many times your cat uses the box with the health counter and motion sensor! Less worry, less cleaning, what's not to love?

$170 from Amazon

Which one should you pick?

There are many factors to consider when choosing which litter box works best for you and your cat. One of the top things to think about is where in your house is most convenient, whether you have a spot out of sight from general living or if you have a studio apartment and no space to hide it.

If you have less living space and want a fashionable choice, then the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box and the Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box will add decor and function.

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