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You're all dressed up and looking great, but wait -- oh no! -- there's a bunch of unsightly pet hair on your best outfit! Why change? A few swipes from your trusty lint roller will get you back to looking your best in a matter of moments. Whether you want to tidy up clothes, or your furniture, here are the best lint rollers to keep your clothes or fabrics looking sharp.

Conair Fabric Defuzzer-Shaver

Easy to hold: Conair Fabric Defuzzer-Shaver

Staff Pick

Choose from one of five colors for this lightweight lint remover. You'll also have the option of three-hole sizes for different types of fabrics, so it works optimally every time. Powered by two AA batteries, you won't have to worry about making sure this lint remover is charged when you want to use it.

$13 at Amazon
Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Value Pack, 5 Rollers

Handles lint and debris: Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Value Pack, 5 Rollers

You probably recognize this lint remover, since it's so popular. No batteries or charging are needed, as the adhesive will pick up debris from your clothes, furniture, or car -- they even handle small crumbs! Each sheet has a perforation that tears cleanly as you use them up, and the handle fits nicely in your hand.

$23 at Amazon
Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover

Best for large tasks: Gleener Ultimate Fuzz Remover

This two-sided brush is suited for removing lint or pet hair from clothes, but can also shave away pilling on sweaters, blankets, and furniture with three interchangeable edges. The lack of moving parts in the edges means that you won't have any accidents with more delicate fabrics. There's an included carry pouch so you can keep all the pieces together at home or when traveling.

$20 at Amazon
Evercare Magik Brush

Best for pet hair: Evercare Magik Brush

If metal blades getting near your furniture makes you uneasy, consider the Evercare Magik Brush. The matching soft, red velvet sides will let you brush away clumps of pet hair from your couches and chairs, without the worry of catching on any fabric and creating holes. There are no batteries to charge, and no adhesive to use up, so this lint remover is ready to be used over and over again.

$9 at Amazon
Carrand 93112 Lint and Hair Removal Brush

Best for carpets: Carrand 93112 Lint and Hair Removal Brush

The rubber bristles on this lint remover are soft and won't damage any surface, making it safe for kids to use. Hair and fur is attracted to brush because of the electrostatic bristles. After use, you can wash it and reuse it as many times as you like. Plus, the price is hard to beat.

$4 at Amazon
House of Wonderful Wonder Lint Fabric Shaver

Extra blades: House of Wonderful Wonder Lint Fabric Shaver

If you spend a lot of time removing pills from clothes or furniture, then you know the blades in your electric shaver will eventually become dull. House of Wonderful has you covered, because they have included extra blades, and a carry pouch to keep everything together. Removed fuzz will collect in the large capacity lint catcher, instead of falling on your floor.

$34 at Amazon
AW Union Fabric Shaver Lint Remover

USB powered: AW Union Fabric Shaver Lint Remover

Bring new life to your bed linens, throw pillows, or your favorite sweater with the AW Union Fabric Shaver. This model is powered via a USB cord, so there are no batteries to charge or change, making it great for the tech-savvy traveler. They've also thrown in a plastic spacer to keep the blades away from more delicate fabrics.

$13 at Amazon
BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

A close shave: BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Different fabrics require different levels of blades to safely remove pills from the surface. The Beautural Fabric Shaver comes with a safety cover to protect wool sweaters and other delicates, while removing the cover will make the shaver more effective on cotton and synthetic pieces. The company also offers live product support, and a 24-month return and exchange policy to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase.

$15 at Amazon

Fuzz fiends

Some of these lint removers are the best at specific jobs, but we think the Conair Fabric Defuzzer-Shaver is the best at the most jobs, for a small cost. The handle position makes it comfortable to hold while you tackle larger tasks, and the lint collection container keeps fuzz from landing back on the fabric you removed it from. Conair also offers this model in a rechargeable version for a higher price point.

If electric isn't your thing, you can't go wrong with the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Value Pack. Each clean sheet makes it easy to remove fur from any surface, and you can even use them for small debris (like crumbs or dirt) on the car floor.

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