Best Leather Bands for the Apple Watch TechnoBuffalo 2022

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular Apple devices since it blends the avenues of technology and style seamlessly. Apple made sure the Apple Watch was a stylish device on its own, but it can become even more luxurious with the proper leather band. Here are our picks for the best leather bands for the Apple Watch (the Series 4 version, of course).

Pure elegance: Grovemade Tan Leather Band

Staff Favorite

The best leather band you can buy for the Apple Watch is Grovemade Tan Leather Band. Not only does it look absolutely stunning in its tan leather finish that will develop a darker patina over time, its hardware accents come in black and silver that add a flair of elegance few other watch straps can match.

$80 at Grovemade

Going traditional: Nomad Traditional Strap

Nomad's Traditional Strap for the Apple Watch is one of the best leather band you can buy for the popular wearable. First off, its high-quality Horween leather feels amazing and substantial. This particular version also has a Fil Au Chinois beeswax line thread embedded into the design that makes it look even more handsome.

$80 at Nomad

A rugged type: Pad & Quill Leather Band

You don't always assume leather can be rugged, but Pad & Quill's Leather Band is exactly that. It's made of full-grain Horween leather, but it's not carefully refined like other straps, which gives it that very distinct rugged and worn look. Plus, you'll get a 25-year warranty, which should solidify how high quality it is.

$108 at Pad & Quill

Loop it up: Apple Leather Loop

Apple's first-party bands are quite popular because of their perfect fit and finish and its Leather Loop is no different. Instead of a classic buckle, it loops in, which gives it an unmistakable and unique look with the leather finish. It's available in four colors: Stone, Cape Cod Blue, Sunset, and Cornflower.

$149 at Amazon

Affordable luxury: Mkeke Leather Band

The Mkeke Leather Band shines for its affordability. You still get the desired Crazy Horse leather finish strap with a metal buckle that's available in five distinct colors, but you don't have to break the bank. At just $10, you get a nice leather band that's still high quality.

$10 at Amazon

For a weathered look: OUHENG Leather Band

What makes the OUHENG Leather band stand out from the rest is the distinct weathered look. It's a subtle finish that adds a very dynamic look to the band, almost making it look like it's already developed a rich patina finish right out of the box. It's available in five colors, including Retro Brown.

$12 at Amazon

The full spectrum: SWEES Leather Band

Last but not least is the SWEES Leather Band. It offers all the qualities of a good leather band — strong cowhide leather and a solid buckle — but also comes in a full spectrum of color options. Whether you want a darker, more reserved tone or a lighter, more outgoing tone, SWEES' nine available color options will have the perfect selection for you.

$13 at Amazon

Going for that distinct leather look

There is just something very stylish about going for a leather band with a watch. It's both sleek and stylish, premium and luxurious. The rustic brown look, for example, provides a unique aura to your wrist, which contrasts perfectly with the modernness of the Apple Watch.

Our staff favorite for best leather band has to go to the Nomad Traditional Strap. Nomad makes some of the best leather accessories around, and it carries its knack for leather work to its Apple Watch straps made of Horween leather. The sturdy bands will age gracefully, developing a darker patina tone after being worn in.

In close second is Mkeke's Leather Band. This understated leather band shines as much for its high-quality Crazy Horse leather finish as it does for its affordable price, which makes it accessible for anybody looking for a great leather band for the Apple Watch. The finish on this band is lighter in color than others, but that may just be exactly what you are looking for.

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