Best Last-Minute Star Wars Costumes for Adults TechnoBuffalo 2022

It's 2019 and Star Wars is still bigger than ever. In fact, it seems to be getting bigger as the years go on. This year, however, is the big one with the ninth movie coming up, which is supposed to be the final entry in the Skywalker Saga, as well as a brand new Star Wars game. So why not celebrate, especially considering May 4 is just around the corner. Here we have the very best Star Wars costumes for adults that'll make you stand out (in a good way) at any Star Wars event.

Pilot or Poe Dameron? You decide: Adult Star Wars Pilot Jumpsuit Outfit

Staff pick

It's hard not to look like an extra on the Star Wars set with this costume thanks to the authentic-looking orange jumpsuit, a two-piece helmet, gloves, molded chest piece, and the iconic vest. The costume does not include the boots, but it comes in two sizes. However, what really shines about this costume is how a quick helmet swap can easily make you into the best pilot alive: Poe Dameron. To us? That makes the price worth it.

$178 at Official Star Wars Costumes

Unlock the power of a Jedi: Adult Jedi Master Tunic and Robes

No matter who your favorite character in Star Wars is, you've probably wanted to wear Jedi robes. With these robes, you can do just that. They come in X-Small to XXX-Large sizes, so everyone has the chance to fulfill their power fantasy with this purchase. If you'd rather just have the robes, which are akin to Obi-Wan Kenobi's robes, then you can purchase the costume without the cloak.

From $40 at Amazon

The power of the dark side: Adult Darth Vader Costume

Do you find your lack of a Darth Vader wardrobe disturbing? Fret not; with this Darth Vader costume, you'll get the iconic look of the best Sith dad around with the long, black cape, the familiar dark jumpsuit that comes in standard and extra large sizes, and attached boot tops. You'll also get the Darth Vader helmet, finishing off a look that'll have everyone cowering to get away — in the best way, of course.

From $25 at Amazon

Straight outta Alderaan: Adult Princess Leia New Hope Costume

Princess Leia has been a hero since she was first revealed wearing her iconic New Hope costume. While white may be a dangerous color to wear, it's a sacrifice that's worth it. This thick, polyester gown comes in extra small to large sizes and includes Leia's signature buns wig and a belt. It's a pull-over gown, so it's easy to get on and off.

From $40 at Amazon

Kind of a big deal: Adult Force Awakens Finn Costume

Finn is one of the newest heroes on the block, and a great one at that. With this foam-padded jacket top, attached pants, and boot tops, you'll be a perfect fit for joining the Resistance. Unfortunately, the costume doesn't come with boots, but it does come with a blaster strap for a more authentic look. It comes in two sizes.

$44 at Official Star Wars Costumes

A woman on a mission: Adult Jyn Erso Costume

Jyn Erso is the cynical leader of Rogue One that helped save the Rebels from total destruction, and she looked good while doing it! With this polyester costume, you can expect Jyn's signature jacket with an attached blue top, brown pants, a belt, and a leg strap. Boots are not included, but it comes in sizes 10-14.

$42 at Official Star Wars Costumes

Be the Chosen One: Adult Force Awakens Rey Costume

Rey's Force Awakens costume remains one of our favorites. With this costume, you can remove the sleeves if you so choose, and it comes with both a top and pants, as well as a belt with a pouch and cuff. It comes in a size 0 to a size 14 and is the perfect outfit if you want to group up with your own Finn and Poe. Unfortunately, staff and lightsaber aren't included.

$38 at Official Star Wars Costumes

Halt!: Adult Storm Trooper Costume

Storm Troopers have the worst reputation, but you'll more than exceed expectations turning up in this costume. It is mostly foam-padded, with the helmet being plastic. It runs in sizes small to extra large, has a completely black front, and, unfortunately, doesn't include any other accessories such as blasters.

$49 at Amazon

Which Star Wars costume should you get?

As Star Wars fans, we're fans of all the options included. However, if we had to pick our favorite it'd have to be the Adult Star Wars Pilot Jumpsuit Outfit , no question. The inclusion of the helmet and the detail of the vest and jumpsuit is hard not to admire and because it can easily become a Poe Dameron costume, it's like getting two costumes for the price of one.

Of course, if you want to go as a character that's a bit more memorable than Rebel Pilot No. 4, then you also have more options. For example, the Adult Darth Vader Costume will make those around you tremble in fear as you step into the room. But if you want to be the hero that saves the day, why not try out the Adult Princess Leia New Hope Costume? Regardless of who you choose to dress as there's something for everyone with these costumes.

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