Best kegerators TechnoBuffalo 2021

Kegerators are a fantastic way to serve beer and save the planet. Because you can buy the beer in gallons, you don't need trash cans worth of cans and bottles every time you have a party. They can also look really cool if you are making your at-home bar, and you want taps like a real bar. We put together a list of some of our favorite kegerators for you to choose from.

Kegco K309ss

A full keg: Kegco K309SS-1 keg dispenser

Staff Pick

While there are plenty of smaller kegerators around, the K309SS-1 is perfect for housing a full-size keg or 3 1/6 size kegs. If you don't have any to hand, it can also be quickly converted to a two-shelf fridge for all your wine and beer. The Kegco also has one of the fastest cooling systems around, meaning it can get your keg down to drinking temperature super quick.

$890 at Amazon
Homecraft Mini Kegerator

For small parties: Mini kegerator cooling system

Having a large kegerator is fantastic, but if you are unlikely to drink an entire keg in a month, then perhaps a smaller machine might be better. This small kegerator from Homecraft allows you to cool a 5-liter pressurized keg, a standard gravity keg, or it comes with its reusable growler. The Homecraft uses small replaceable CO2 capsules to cool your beer to perfection.

$162 at Amazon
Kegco Hbk309s

Double the fun: Kegco Hbk309s

While this is roughly the same size as our staff pick, this kegerator is designed to have 2 1/6 size kegs in and comes equipped with two spigots. This makes it feel much more like a proper bar and allows for a variety of beer at your parties.

$808 at Amazon
Edgestar Kc1000ss

Slimline: EdgeStar KC1000SS

While you may want a fantastic kegerator in your kitchen, you may not always have room. This appliance from Edgestar fits a 1/6 keg snugly to decrease its footprint. This means you can fit in a small bar far easier. It does still come with a stainless-steel tap, though, so it's great for pouring beers quickly, with little mess.

$420 at Amazon
Beer Meister Built In Kegerator

Built in perfection: Beer Meister single tower with stainless door built-in kegerator

Having a built-in bar is something of a luxury, but if you entertain a lot, or you just want a lovely area in your home with all the appliances hidden away, this kegerator from Beer Meister might be right for you. It's large enough to fit a full-size keg while being able to fit under a kitchen counter. The Stainless-steel tap can then be attached through your countertop to make it look like a part of your kitchen.

$1,350 at Amazon

Let's get a kegger going

I'll be honest, I never heard of a kegerator until I started working here at TechnoBuffalo, but after having used them, I can see the appeal. Having your beer readily available with having to use cans and bottles is extremely alluring.

I really enjoyed the Kegco K309SS-1 keg dispenser because it fits every size of keg you can imagine, and if you don't have a keg right now, that's ok, you can always fill it up just like a regular fridge.

I also liked the mini kegerator cooling system from Homecraft for its compact size and budget price. A friend of mine creates craft beers, and this is perfect for me to buy a growler worth from him and keep it fresh at home.

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