Apple released the iPhone XS Max, and there are millions of consumers around the world who are picking up the most advanced iPhone ever made. Why? It’s a hardware and software masterpiece. So you should treat it like one, and maybe a case isn’t a bad idea.

The case you pick matters. Luckily, we put together a list of different types that might be of interest. Whether you’re looking for style or protection, there’s a case for your iPhone XS Max that’s a perfect match.

It wasn’t cheap to get that iPhone XS Max. In fact, there’s no doubt you spent more than $1,000 upfront or will do so over the course of the next two years. Apple acknowledges this, too. Since it makes premium products and services, you have to pay a premium price. That’s why getting a case would be wise. You’ll be able to keep that hefty investment in use for the long-term.

Here are some of the best cases for Apple’s iPhone XS Max.

DTTO Romance Case

  • Price: $19, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Red, Black, Light Blue, Crystal Pink, Duckling Yellow, Midnight Blue, Mint Green

Before you drop $50 on a silicone-based case, check out the DTTO Romance case. With this case, you’re embracing a soft, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and raised bumpers that do the necessities. Your iPhone XS Max won’t shatter, and it won’t be scraped on flat surfaces. On top of that, DTTO offers up full coverage.

DTTO’s Romance case resembles the first-party case you can purchase for the iPhone XS. That would help explain how it ended up on our list. Be wise and choose this over Apple’s first-party case because, well, no one will notice the difference between them aside from their logos.

Buy now: Amazon

Poetic Lumos Case

  • Price: $10, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Clear

Poetic wants you to show off that big, gorgeous beauty. If you get the Lumos case, you’ll be able to show off the iPhone XS Max while maintaining its structural integrity. The Lumos case isn’t your run-of-the-mill transparent accessory that cares about both style and protection. Everyone can see the iPhone XS Max, but you can let the shock-absorbing TPU bare impact from drops and knocks.

Buy now: Amazon

UAG Monarch Case

  • Price: $60, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, Crimson

Urban Armor Gear might be known for enhanced durability across all accessories, but you shouldn’t assume its cases are big and bulky. The Monarch case, which costs $60, pairs together simplicity and durability. It allows your iPhone XS Max to remain on the compact side.

When your prized possession takes a fall, the Monarch case should keep it unharmed. The brand prides itself on passing military-grade drop tests. After 26 drops from 4-feet, the iPhone XS Max was left with no damage.

The Monarch Case includes a 10-year limited warranty. UAG will back you up even if, for whatever reason, you hang on to the iPhone XS Max for the next decade.

In three different colors to choose from, you’re getting five-layer protection. It has a polycarbonate shear plate, a leather accent, an impact-resistant bumper, a polycarbonate armor frame, and alloy metal screws. That sounds like a lot while not adding too much size. Plus, you gain extra grip from a few of these materials.

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Fly Hawk Leather Wallet Case

  • Price: $15, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Khaki, Red

You carry around your wallet and smartphone at the same time; therefore, consider merging them into one accessory. The Leather Wallet case from Fly Hawk has premium style as well as two pockets for cards and cash. Its polycarbonate interior also helps keep the iPhone XS Max in mint condition.

Fly Hawk’s look and feel are incredible, and it’s especially refreshing for the price. You shouldn’t need to spend a fortune on a decent leather-made case. Here, you’re paying just $15. Other leather-made cases are as much as $60. To say that it’d be foolish to spend that much would be an understatement. Save yourself some money but still get an attractive, functional case.

Buy now: Amazon

JUSTCOOLFull Body Case

  • Price: $22, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black/Clear

JUSTCOOL’s Full Body case earns its name from its design. Aside from shielding the iPhone XS Max’s back and sides, this accessory extends to the front. JUSTCOOL created a built-in screen protector. Now your iPhone XS Max isn’t vulnerable to anything significant. From every angle, your larger-than-life iPhone can remain safe from life.

Buy now: Amazon

Anccer Colorful Case

  • Price: $16, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Gravel Green, Matte Gray, Smooth Black, Smooth Blue, Smooth Red

The cases you’ve seen with barely-there thickness can be hit or miss. Too many brands are using cheap materials that break down quickly.

Anccer, however, makes a premium ultra-thin case for the iPhone XS Max that lasts. The case from its Colorful series is slim but protective to an extent. While you won’t get much in terms of drop durability, Anccer’s case will prevent scratches from accruing over time. That’s enough protection for a good number of people.

If you rarely drop stuff, the Colorful case is for you. Anccer also lets you choose from multiple colors in gravel and smooth textures.

Buy now: Amazon

Spigen Tough Armor Case

  • Price: $17, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Gunmetal, Black

Spigen’s a brand you know, trust, and love. Over the years, we’ve seen it go from small and scrappy to large and flashy. Now there’s no doubt Spigen stands as one of the most popular brands in the accessories space.

The Tough Armor case is a two-layer accessory that takes advantage of TPU and polycarbonate. More importantly, it has Spigen’s exclusive Air Cushion technology that cushions the blow from any impact. So there’s scratch and drop resistance to enjoy.

As a bonus, the Tough Armor case has a built-in kickstand. It lets you prop up the iPhone XS Max for a better viewing experience. That’s nice if you’re on an airplane or at work but don’t want to hold the device. See, Spigen thought about more than protection alone in this instance.

Buy now: Amazon

Nodus Collection Shell Case (II)

  • Price: $51, eligible for free shipping
  • Color(s): Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black, Dark Teal, Taupe Gray

Apple makes luxurious products, and you might want to keep that pristine image with Nodus Collection’s Shell case (II). Made from handcrafted full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, your iPhone XS Max will look even more high-end. Nodus Collection built this case with a shock-absorbing polycarbonate core, too.

It also includes Nodus Collection’s Micro Dock III. With this little addition, you can magnetically mount your iPhone XS Max anywhere. Nodus Collection normally wants around $13 for it, but you get the Micro Dock III rolled into the Shell case’s $51 price tag. That makes this a sweet deal.

Buy now: Nodus Collection

Caka Glitter Case

  • Price: $9, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Blue, Purple, Silver, Rose Gold, Multi

Adds glitz and glamour to the iPhone XS Max, and do so with Caka’s Glitter case. It’ll literally brighten up the device. The sparkling element inside will play off the shiny glass backside of Apple’s flagship. You’re definitely going to turn heads, making them wonder if the Glitter case should be on their iPhone as well.

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