Apple didn’t make its latest iPhone so expensive just because the company knows you’ll buy one no matter what. There’s a lot of innovative technology that went into this mobile device. But perhaps there’s nothing more satisfying on the iPhone X to use than wireless charging. It’s been around on countless Android devices for years now; however, Apple finally got around to implementing it. Just place your iPhone X on a wireless charger and it’ll automatically receive the juice it needs.

Here are some of the best wireless chargers for the iPhone X.

Yootech Wireless Charging Pad

  • Price: $13, eligible for Prime shipping

When you shop online for a wireless charger, you’re going to find these accessories in all different designs at all different prices. Be wary of the less expensive options unless it’s Yootech’s wireless charging pad. It costs just $13, but you’re getting exactly what you need from a reliable brand.

One thing to note: Yootech doesn’t include a wall adapter, and that’s to keep the price low. Pick up whatever one you already have on-hand, connect the included micro-USB cable, and place your iPhone X on this wireless charging pad. Now you’re charging without any physical connection necessary.

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Belkin Boost Up

  • Price: $60, eligible for Prime shipping

Apple won’t say it, but Belkin is somewhat an official partner for iPhone accessories. The Boost Up is a circular wireless charger that’s highlighted on Apple’s site and in its retail stores. So if you’re interested only in first-party accessories, this is the closest you’ll get until the AirPower arrives sometime later this year.

Belkin’s Boost Up doesn’t come cheap. Wherever you shop, the price sits around $60. But you’re getting high-end technology. It delivers optimal charging output at 7.5W speeds. And, despite having fast-charging capabilities, the Boost Up doesn’t overheat and force itself to turn off.

The green LED, which is positioned near the edge on the non-slip surface, tells you when your iPhone X is aligned correctly and charging. You won’t be moving your iPhone around aimlessly hoping it’s getting the power it needs.

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Anker Wireless Charging Pad

  • Price: $26, eligible for Prime shipping

Anker makes accessories for just about anything, so it’s no surprise to see a quality wireless charger from this brand.

Its wireless charging pad features LED indicators, a non-slip surface, and a compact build. More importantly, Anker allows you to charge your iPhone X at up to 10W speeds. If you don’t use a compatible charger, you’ll still get 5W speeds. But really the whole reason this wireless charger get recommended is for its fast-charging mode. So pick up the right wall adapter before you complete your order.

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Bestand Wireless Charging Station

  • Price: $42, eligible for Prime shipping

Apple’s products and services are loved by people around the world, and that’s clear in the fact that iPhone owners often purchase additional hardware from the company. Bestand’s wireless charging station lets you charge up to three devices simultaneously while not losing charging speeds. Any real Apple loyalist will jump on that in a heartbeat.

The best setup with this wireless charger is to have an iPhone X, an Apple Watch, and the AirPods. Here you can have all three lined up, easily viewable, and charging. Even if you prefer a physical connection to charge from time-to-time, the cutouts in the the wireless charging station’s aluminum frame allows you to sneak cables throughout.

When it’s available, don’t wait to buy the Bestand wireless charging station. This item constantly goes out of stock on Amazon due to its widespread popularity.

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