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The iPhone X featured some of the biggest changes Apple introduced to the iPhone since the original iPhone. Naturally, it instantly became popular and sold like gangbusters. It's so great, in fact, that you might use it too much and l kill the battery life, but there's a way around that. Not only can these cases protect your phone, but they can keep your battery going for way longer than normal.

The best of the best: Mophie Juice Pack Air

Staff Favorite

Mophie is synonymous with creating the best battery cases and it delivered yet again with its Juice Pack Case for the iPhone X. The slim and form-fitting case adds very little bulk to the phone while adding an extra 1,720mAh of battery, which equates to roughly 30 hours of extra juice. But the single-best feature of the case is its wireless charging capabilities.

$72 at Amazon

Most bang for your buck: Smiphee Battery Case

The Smiphee Battery Case is another great alternative to add battery life to your iPhone X. It wears a slick, tapered design that minimizes the overall look of the case. At the back of the case lives the power button, which will turn on the case, and four LED lights let you know how much battery life you have left.

$40 at Amazon

Add a flair of color: FNSON Battery Case

There are many battery cases out there but stylish ones are numbered. The FNSON Battery Case fits that mold with three unique color finishes that truly stand out, whether it's the classic black color or something that stands out more like the Rose Gold and Red options. One of these will best match your needs and still deliver the extra battery life you seek with the built-in 4,200mAh battery.

$24 at Amazon

No more wires: Newdery Battery Case

The Newdery Battery Case is a fantastic battery case for your iPhone X for two reasons: it can wirelessly charge and has battery is huge. The best thing about wireless charging is that you don't have to worry about plugging in your battery case. In the case of Newdery's option, this will happen far less because it has a gigantic 6,000mAh battery that will last you forever.

$40 at Amazon

Minimalism: Feob Battery Case

The Feob Battery Case caught our eye due to its ultra-minimalist design that perfectly matches the iPhone X. Each curve is rounded to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit in the hand, yet it still offers the basic elements of a great battery case. You can access the extra battery capacity via the rear button and the four LED lights will warn you when you need to charge up.

$25 at Amazon

Sturdy and rugged: EasyAcc Battery Case

Going with the EasyAcc Battery Case will most likely depend if you are into the rugged style. This one looks like an absolute beast with its strong ridges and sharp angles that look like they can protect your phone from anything. It just happens to also boast a 5,000mAh battery. You turn it on by pressing the button at the back of the case. Just for good measure, it also comes with a tempered glass screen protector.

$40 at Amazon

Robust battery: Yacikos Battery Case

Yacikos may not be a household name in battery cases, but it should. This battery case comes with a robust 6,500mAh battery that will add hours upon hours of battery life to your iPhone X. Available in a stealthy black color, the case is smooth and refined to match your smartphone.

$37 at Amazon

Two-tone life: Lonlif Battery Case

The most striking element of the Lonlif Battery Case for the iPhone X is its two-tone finish. It's available in a standard black option or the more stylish two-tone blue and pink color. As for the battery function, its 4,000mAh battery can be turned on by a button on the back and gives you up to 10 extra hours of internet use.

$38 at Amazon

Apple's option: Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple's Smart Battery Case is not higher up on the list because it is technically made for the iPhone XS, but you can get away with it on your iPhone X. It'll still fit it like a glove, but you won't get the most precise camera cutout. That being said, Apple's battery case is truly smart; it comes with a built-in Lightning port and offers wireless charging.

$129 at Apple

Get the most out of your iPhone X

Your iPhone X is now ready to become the multi-day powerhouse you need it to be. Battery cases used to be less common, but since smartphone batteries tend to drain easily, now every phone now gets its own collection of amazing battery cases, including the iPhone X.

Our staff favorite is the Mophie Juice Pack and the reason is fairly simple: it is the best of the best. Every feature you want from a case, it delivers. The case looks sleek and stylish with a slim design that won't be too obtrusive and it offers next-gen features you'll want like wireless charging that eschews that constraints of wires for complete freedom. This is the best battery case you can buy.

If you are looking for something different, the Smiphee Battery Case delivers on almost every point, including the most important to some people: price. It's economical while still offering flagship battery case features such as its impressive extra battery that will top off your phone on days you need it most.

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