You have the world’s first iPhone with wireless charging. Now you need a wireless charger. Just don’t go shopping and settle for anything, though, as you might get stuck with something that breaks after a few months or simply doesn’t charge fast enough. Your iPhone 8 deserves the best, and that includes the best accessories for charging without wires.

Here are the best wireless charging pads for the iPhone 8.

TOZO Mirrored Panel Wireless Charger

  • Price: $27, eligible for Prime shipping

Style means a lot, especially if you own an iPhone. TOZO made a wireless charger that looks like an aluminum-surrounded mirror. Well, that’s because it actually is. Looks are everything for this wireless charger. Rather than creating a high-power unit that can run hot and overheat, TOZO focused on making something that’s thin and beautiful. Its wireless charging pad also has subtle LED indicators along the border to let you know your iPhone 8 is receiving power.

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Anker PowerPort Wireless Charging Stand

  • Price: $27, eligible for Prime shipping

One of the most trusted brands putting out accessories is Anker. For your iPhone 8, we recommend the PowerPort wireless charging stand if you like being able to see your screen at all times.

When your iPhone is charging, you often have to get up from wherever you are or pick it up just to see if there’s a notification. Apple hasn’t implemented a notification light like so many Android devices have. But this wireless charger, since it’s a stand, makes it possible to glance over at your iPhone 8 and catch incoming notifications. Just by looking over you won’t have to decide whether or not to get up, turn on the display, and see what’s going on.

Spots to put this wireless charger include on an office desk, end table, or nightstand. Of course it can go anywhere you’d like, but we just think those three locations would be particularly useful for you.

Anker doesn’t want you to worry about safety, so it included “overvoltage protection, temperature control, foreign object detection” and other standards. This stand-based wireless charger won’t get too hot and make you panic that your iPhone is fried.

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Bestand Wireless Charging Station

  • Price: $42, eligible for Prime shipping

Apple’s products and services are loved by people around the world, and that’s clear in the fact that iPhone owners often purchase additional hardware from the company. Bestand’s wireless charging station lets you charge up to three devices simultaneously while not losing charging speeds. Any real Apple loyalist will jump on that in a heartbeat.

The best setup with this wireless charger is to have an iPhone X, an Apple Watch, and the AirPods. Here you can have all three lined up, easily viewable, and charging. Even if you prefer a physical connection to charge from time-to-time, the cutouts in the the wireless charging station’s aluminum frame allows you to sneak cables throughout.

When it’s available, don’t wait to buy the Bestand wireless charging station. This item constantly goes out of stock on Amazon due to its widespread popularity.

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RAVPower Wireless Charger

  • Price: $45, eligible for Prime shipping

Go on Amazon, search for wireless chargers, and tell us what you find. Near the top will be RAVPower’s wireless charger, and that’s because it charges phones fast with all the features you want. There’s probably no better option than this if reliability matters the most.

Both sides of the circular unit have a non-slip coating, and the top also has an LED indicator to let you know how far along your iPhone is in getting all the juice it needs.

RAVPower’s wireless charger might be expensive to most, but it’s worth the money. You’re getting everything you need to charge your iPhone 8 at blazing-fast speeds without wires. Along with the wireless charger, you get the wall adapter necessary to achieve 7.5W output.

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