Your iPhone could use a little more juice. The iPhone 8 lasts pretty long on a single charge, but you know it’s often never enough. Portable chargers are useful if you deplete battery life quicker than usual, hate being limited to wall outlets, or just want a backup in case of an emergency. With a portable charger, you can charge your iPhone 8 from anywhere and at any time. The days of being left with a dead iPhone are over.

Here are some of the best portable chargers for the Apple iPhone 8.

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger (20,100mAh)

  • Price: $42, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, White

Anker’s a name we all know and trust. The brand’s brought us reliable accessories including wall outlet adapters, portable chargers, and cables. If you’ve ever gone online to shop for accessories to use with your mobile devices, chances are Anker has popped up more than a few times.

We’re recommending the PowerCore-branded portable charger with a 20,100mAh battery because you’re getting a ton of juice in a slim form factor. The portable charger here holds enough power to ensure that, whenever needed, you’ll be able to charge your stuff.

Some of the brand’s trademark technology is present. This portable charger includes PowerIQ to deliver optimum charging speeds and VoltageBoost to combat long or old cables. Maybe the most remarkable quality is the size, though. Despite there being two USB ports drawing power from a large battery, Anker’s portable charger carries a small footprint and weighs less than 13 ounces.

The price could be on the high side compared to other portable chargers, but with those you won’t get as big of a battery.

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Hokonui Wireless Portable Charger (10,000mAh)

  • Price: $29, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, White

Charging from anywhere is useful. Now let’s get rid of that mess of wires. Hokonui makes an accessory that’s both a portable charger and a wireless charger. As you probably guessed, it’s called a wireless portable charger. The iPhone 8 gets placed on top of a power-infused surface that’s just like any other wireless charger. Beneath that surface, you’ll find a 10,000mAh battery.

If the battery is charged, your iPhone 8 can be charged. But the accessory doesn’t stop there. Hokonui also provided two additional USB ports to charge more devices. Whether it’s an iPad or two Android devices, you can charge three devices at any given time.

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Yoobao G01 Portable Charger (4,000mAh)

  • Price: $17, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, Gold, Grey, Rose Gold

The biggest portable charger isn’t necessary for everyone. People who want enough juice for their iPhone 8 in a one-and-done scenario should pick up this accessory from Yoobao. It stores a 4,000mAh battery in an ultra-thin body that can be packed tightly in a pocket or bag. Best of all, you’re spending less than $20 with free shipping.

Yoobao’s added touch for this portable charger is the color selection. The options will complement Apple’s iPhone 8 very well.

Accessories in this category normally have a USB port for output and a micro-USB port for input. Yoobao, however, inserted a Lightning port as well. That means you’re able to use your iPhone’s regular charger to power up this portable charger. Then use the USB connector on that cable for the output port and move the Lightning connector to your iPhone. Now you don’t have to carry around all those extra cables for your iPhone and the portable charger.

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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro (10,000mAh)

  • Price: $30, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black

Its products aren’t available everywhere, but Xiaomi does sell the Mi Power Bank Pro in North America. It’s a 10,000mAh portable battery that includes the qualities you need from an accessory like this. Xiaomi uses a double-anodized aluminum exterior to protect the high-density battery inside despite the entire body measuring just 0.49 inches thick.

Each time the portable charger is at full capacity, you should be able to charge your iPhone 8 a smidge under four times.

The USB-C port shouldn’t deter you. That’s only to charge the accessory itself. When you want to power your iPhone 8, just grab whatever cable you have on-hand with a Lightning connector. The Mi Power Bank Pro’s output is a regular USB port.

Xiaomi also put the Mi Power Bank Pro through a significant number of tests. The company worked to implement nine layers of “world-class circuit chip protection” involving temperature and overvoltage. You paid a lot of money for the iPhone 8, so don’t leave it vulnerable to damage by going with an unreliable brand and accessory. The Mi Power Bank Pro is strong, and it’s not too expensive.

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Jackery Bar w/ LED Flashlight PortCharger

  • Price: $17, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, Silver, Gold, Orange

Jackery created a portable charger that has a modest battery inside. The 6000mAh unit should get you two uses on a single charge of its own, which is a sweet spot that affords the compact design. But there’s an extra feature you might come to appreciate at times. Next to the micro-USB and USB ports, there’s actually an LED flashlight. So you’ll get to charge your iPhone but also see your surroundings if the lights go out.

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