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Apple has recently announced a shift in the standard operating procedure of all phone manufacturers. They have stopped including a wall charger in the box with new phones. If you want to buy the new iPhone 12, you will need to buy a separate wall charger. We've pulled together a list of our favorites for you to peruse.

Ravpower 60w Charger

Best Overall: RAVPower 61W USB C Charger

Staff Pick

The 61-watt wall charger from RAVPower is fantastic. It will quickly charge your iPhone 12 at the highest speed possible, and when you aren't charging that you can charge a full-size laptop with it too. This powerful little wall charger is the perfect replacement for your old dusty chargers.

$24 at Amazon
Anker Nano

Extra fast charging: Anker Nano

One of the big selling points of the iPhone 12 is the ability to charge the phone to 50 percent in just 30 minutes if your wall charger can produce 20w or more. The Anker Nano has received an upgrade to do just that, making it a perfect little charger for you.

$20 at Amazon
Anker Usb C A Charger

Room for different phones: Anker USB C Charger

Not every family has the same type of phone, so a wall charger like this can be beneficial. Instead of a single USB-C, this has both a USB-C and a USB-A so you can charge your iPhone and a different phone using its cable.

$23 at Amazon
Aukey 18w Charger

Best budget: AUKEY Swift 18W iPhone Fast Charger

Sometimes the best charger is the one you have right now or the one you can afford. This Aukey wall charger is powerful enough to charge your iPhone but cheap enough to buy at whatever budget you can comfortably afford.

$10 at Amazon
Usb C Ravpower 4 Port

A desktop powerhouse: RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop

If you are going to do something, you might as well do the biggest thing you can. This RAVpower charger will charge more than just a single iPhone; it will charge a Macbook and two other devices as well. The four-port system will intelligently distribute the power so each of your devices will get the energy they need.

$40 at Amazon

You have the POWER!

Buying a new wall charger for a new phone seems like a pain, but it allows you to get something tailored to your personal needs. Want to charge at lightspeed? Then the RAVPower 61W USB C Charger is a great choice. It will boost your battery by 50 percent in about half an hour and can even charge your laptop as well.

If you want to charge multiple phones and laptops simultaneously, then grabbing the RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop charger is likely a great idea. It can sit at your desk and charge two USB-C and two USB-A devices at the same time. For those who live at our desks, the Anker four-port is the best place to be.

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