Apple’s iPad Pro comes in two sizes, the bigger of which creates an incredibly immersive experience. The 12.9-inch model features a ton of screen real estate to display photos, videos, documents, and more without being crammed. But with all that size and power comes a higher price tag. So you may want to grab a case that’ll protect your iPad Pro, add some style, and even introduce a bit of versatility.

Here are some of the best cases for the iPad Pro 12.9 available today.

Fintie Honeycomb Series

  • Price: $15, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black, Blue

Fintie created a silicone-based case for the iPad Pro that both absorbs shock and provides good grip. Apple’s high-end tablet wasn’t cheap for you to purchase, and let’s not ignore the fact that the glass and aluminum body isn’t sturdy when naked. Grab a rubber case like this one and you’re set. Here you’re getting protection without unnecessary bulk.

As its name indicates, this case features a honeycomb pattern on the back. You also have a ribbed pattern along the edges to keep the tablet secured in your hands. It even helps the iPad Pro stay put on almost any surface since the rubber grabs whatever it touches. If you want to flip the iPad Pro facedown, you won’t have to worry about the display getting scratched. Fintie went as far as raising the ‘lip’ up front separate the iPad Pro’s glass from any surface.

It’s such a simple and reliable case that we wish Fintie would sell it in more colors, but the black and blue choices should fit most.

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Ztotop Leather Folio

  • Price: $26, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Brown, Black, All Black, Denim Black, Denim Gray, Navy Blue

It doesn’t matter if you’re a businessperson or not. Ztotop’s leather folio case for the iPad Pro adds class to anyone. It’s made of premium leather but doesn’t carry the eye-popping price tag you might expect. Yet it’s still a very good case that has a built-in leather strap, Apple Pencil holder, and organizer pocket.

Ztotop sells this case in a number of colors, and all of them are tailored specifically for the latest model of the iPad Pro 12.9.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

  • Price: $30, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black/Black, Blue/Black, White/Gray

Protection could be the only thing you care about, so we’d like to show you SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Pro series. It includes a case for the iPad Pro that focuses on protection and durability above everything else. Aside from having a hybrid exterior comprised of polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane, there’s a built-in screen protector to shield the tablet’s display.

SUPCASE even threw in some added functionality. This case has a built-in kickstand, too. That’ll help if you’re drawing on the display with a stylus and the iPad Pro accidentally gets knocked to the floor.

Cases with protection at the forefront can run on the expensive side, but SUPCASE isn’t ripping you off. It’s a cool $30 with free shipping to get one of the iPad Pro’s most durable cases.

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Apple Smart Cover

  • Price: $59, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Charcoal Gray, White

The most loyal customers in the world probably belong to Apple. Once they purchase one product, they stick with the company and get others. It’s no surprise to see someone with an iPhone also own an iPad, MacBook, or Apple Watch. Even owning all of them is very likely. The same goes for accessories, and Apple does indeed have a cover for the iPad Pro.

It’s not a case, but it does shield the front of the tablet from potential scratches and nicks. The Smart Cover for the iPad Pro also features two positions that allow for an optimal viewing experience.

Apple’s Smart Cover is expensive; however, anyone tied into the company’s ecosystem won’t have a problem shelling out money to get a first-party accessory.

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ESR Clear Hard Shell

  • Price: $13, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Clear

You don’t need all the bells and whistles the other cases have. Or you just trying to save money. ESR’s Clear Hard Shell ignores everything but scratch protection. It’s a thin and light case that is made of polycarbonate to add a layer between the iPad Pro and the rest of the world.

ESR did include one handy quality not many cases have to their name. The Clear Hard Shell features an opening for those who want to use Apple’s Smart Keyboard that requires access to the Smart Connector. If you don’t care about that, you can still use this case and attach a holder to continue protecting the tablet.

This case is about the basics. Your iPad Pro might have a problem with significant drops, but it’ll resist small tumbles, scratches, and dust.

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