Best cases for the iPad mini 5 TechnoBuffalo 2020

We knew for a while Apple would bring back the iPad mini, but it's still a very welcomed surprise. If this is the iPad you have been waiting for, then you'll also be in need of some great cases to protect it. Here are our picks for best cases for the iPad mini 5. As a note, the iPad mini 5 has the same dimensions as the iPad mini 4

Slim, minimal and trusted: Moto Case Fit

Staff favorite

Finding the right case for your iPad can be complicated, but when it doubt, go with one that does everything right, like the Moko Case Fit. Slim and lightweight, this case cover the iPad mini body with a durable shell case while the premium cover made of leather and microfiber keep scratches off the display.

$10 at Amazon

Made to perfection: Apple Smart Cover

When you're looking to buy a case for the iPad mini 5, there's not better place to start than with Apple's own offering. It's Smart Cover unique connects to the iPad via magnets and perfectly covers it as Apple's attention to detail is second to none. With its magnetic lining, it'll wake up the iPad whenever you open it.

$39 at Apple

Don't break the bank: JETech Smart Case

You can always trust JETech to deliver great case options that don't break the bank. Its Smart Case for the iPad mini 5 offers its unique protection that blends a snug shell case with a cover that intelligently interacts with the iPad.

$10 at Amazon

Go all-out: Otterbox Defender Series Case

How else would you want to protect your new iPad mini 5? The anwer is the Otterbox Defender Series Case. That's because it offers the maximum protection. It literally offers three layers of protection with the inner shell, outer cover and touchscreen protector. Basically, toss your iPad around any which way and it'll still be protected, though we don't recommended that.

$45 at Amazon

A minimal approach: Veamor Silicone Back Cover

Veamor offers the most minimalist protection for your iPad mini with its Silicone Back Cover. As the name suggests, it is made of a shock-absorbing silicone material that has a prismatic non-slip texture and is just 2.8mm thick. Not extra size is always a good thing.

$13 at Amazon

A touch of fabric: ESR Urban Premium Folio Case

One of the best ways to add some feel to a case is to make it out of fabric. Enter the ESR Urban Premium Folio Case that offers a premium finish of kitted textile-like fabric that feels fantastic.

$13 at Amazon

If you go with any of these selections, your iPad mini 5 will be in very good hands. Our staff favorite is the Moko Case Fit for what it offers at the price that it does, but there's just something about Apple's own Smart Cover that just fits like a glove.

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