Best 9.7-inch iPad 6 Cases TechnoBuffalo 2021

The 9.7-inch iPad is the most affordable entry into Apple's tablet lineup. The device features a beautiful design and Apple Pencil support, so it's great for budding artists and creators. Like all the devices we hold near and dear to our hearts, we want to protect them. Here we recommend some of our favorite cases for the 9.7-inch iPad.

Simplicity wins: MoKo Ultra Slim Case

Staff pick

With protection for the front and rear of the 9.7-inch iPad, the MoKo Case stands out for its simple design and support for the iPad's sleep/wake function. It also features a lifetime warranty should there be any issue with the case's quality.

$13 at Amazon

Functional and thin: ESR Yippee Trifold Smart Case

This lightweight case from ESR features a trif-old design and a soft microfiber lining to protect your iPad's display. Other notable functions include support for the iPad's sleep/wake feature and a hard back cover for added protection.

$15 at Amazon

Sophisticated protection: I4UCase Leather Folio

For more sophisticated protection, check out the I4UCase. It offers a soft, leather folio design and support for the iPad's sleep/wake function. It also comes equipped with an outside pocket, where you can store files and other documents.

$17 at Amazon

Apple Pencil storage: Soke Smart Case

The Soke Smart Case offers full protection, a soft microfiber lining, and a tri-fold stand. The best feature is that it's designed to hold your Apple Pencil, so you don't have to worry about carrying it separately.

$15 at Amazon

Celebrate creativity: Fintie Slim Shell

Show off your creative side with the Fintie Slim Shell. This pretty little case comes in a variety of different versions, including Jungle Night, Indigo Dreams, and more. It features an easy-to-install design and a tri-fold cover so you can watch Netflix hands-free.

$14 at Amazon

Professional choice: ProCase Stand Folio

The ProCase Stand Folio means business with its leather design, which covers the iPad both front and back. This case has a holder for the Apple Pencil, sleep/wake support, and multiple stands to prop the iPad up when you need to give a presentation while freeing up your hands.

$20 at Amazon

Style and function: Leather Thankscase

Protect your iPad in style with the Thankscase. Offered in a variety of designs, the Thankscase features support for the iPad's sleep/wake, a trifold cover, and a strong rear shell for added protection.

$10 at Amazon

Rugged over fashion: Bmouo Shockproof Case

The Bmouo very much falls in the "function over fashion" category, and that's why we love it. With an impact-resistant design and a shock absorbing inner sleeve, the Bmouo will ensure your iPad stays safe in the most dangerous of environments.

$15 at Amazon

Absolute safety: Gumdrop Hideaway Case

If protection is your one and only concern, the Gumdrop Hideaway Case is the perfect companion. Built with extreme drop protection and shock absorption technology, the Gumdrop case will keep your iPad looking pristine for years to come.

$54 at Amazon

Protect your 9.7-inch iPad in style

The 9.7-inch iPad features a beautiful aluminum design worth preserving and the easiest way to do that is with a case. Luckily, there's a plethora of affordable options available, our favorite of which is the MoKo Ultra Slim. It offers front and rear protection and triggers the iPad's sleep/wake feature. It can also be folded to prop the iPad up, so you can watch content hands-free.

If you're looking for something more sophisticated, the ProCase Stand Folio would look great at school or at the office. It features a premium leather design and three stand slots, so you can comfortably use the iPad in any situation.

The iPad isn't a cheap device, but luckily there are a lot of great options for keeping it protected.

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