Best Indoor Tree Stands TechnoBuffalo 2021

Plants help reduce stress, filter the air, and just look beautiful. You can use a tree stand indoors to help lift your larger plants off the floor and add a little more depth to your decor. Here are several different styles made from a variety of materials. One is sure to match your decorating scheme and bring a little more pizzaz.

Mkono Mid Century Tree Stand

Best overall: Mkono Mid Century Plant Stand

Staff Pick

The Mkono plant stand is made from natural beech wood and holds planters between 8 inches and 14 inches in diameter. Mkono has other tree stands made from other woods and with other finishes, so you can find one that fits best with your home style. Your potted tree fits on the cross-sections of the planter without causing it to wobble or tip unevenly. The cross-sections aren't set directly in the middle of the stand, so you can place your plant higher or lower depending on the way the stand is set.

$31 at Amazon
Aishn Metal Tree Holder

Best for large trees: AISHN Metal Holder

These decorative tree stands have saucer-type tops with intricately detailed designs. They are made from iron, which is strong enough to hold large, and heavy potted trees inside. This set comes with four stands of various sizes, so you can place other plants in your home and know the stands will match. Each of the four legs on the stands is curved to offer more support while not causing indents or scuffs to your flooring and are securely welded to the saucers. Each stand is coated to protect it from chips and from water. They can be used outside as well as inside.

$50 at Amazon
Krinner Tree Genie Tree Stand

Best Christmas tree stand: Krinner Tree Genie

Once a year many bring an evergreen tree into their home and trim it in hopes of getting an extra special gift underneath it. The Krinner Tree Genie is easy to slip your Christmas tree into and lock it into place with the side lever that you simply step on to secure. This is a lot easier and safer than trying to screw in safety supports found on more traditional tree stands. The claw-style holder keeps your tree straight even if the trunk is crooked. And this indoor tree stand holds a good amount of water. The Tree Genie comes in several sizes to fit small and extra-extra-large trees.

Starting at $72 at Amazon
Amagabeli Garden Home Heavy Duty Caddy Stand

Best stand with wheels: Amagabeli Garden & Home 14" Heavy Duty Caddy

This metal tree stand is simply a round base with four rolling caster wheels. The base typically won't be seen once your potted tree is placed on the stand, and the wheels are set back enough to not stand out and disrupt the look of your plant. The wheels make it easy to move your indoor tree into a corner or other area in the room without having to strain to carry a heavy pot around. Once your tree is where you want it displayed, you can lock the wheels into place so it can't be accidentally moved or knocked over. This package comes with two metal tree stands, each is 14-inches around.

$38 at Amazon
Rivet Ceramic Planter Stand

Best planter and stand: Rivet Ceramic Planter with Stand

The Rivet indoor tree stand includes a beautiful ceramic planter. The planter is available in eight different colors and designs. However, the planter doesn't have drainage holes. The stand is made from metal with thin legs and a cross-section in the middle where the plant is set. Together the planter and stand are over 18 inches high and 14 inches in diameter. You don't have to use the plater and stand together. You can place an already potted tree on the stand and use the planter elsewhere inside or outside of your home.

$93 at Amazon

Bottom line

Trees are a lot heavier than most potted plants, so to display them in your home you'll need a good, heavy-duty stand. The AISHN metal holder will hold small or large trees without a problem and will add a little flair with the intricate designs in the metal. It comes with four different stands so all your plants can be displayed in the same way. However, we personally like the look of the Mkono Mid Century plant stand. It is made from natural wood so it has a more neutral look and matches most decor. You can flip the stand over to make your indoor tree stand higher or lower and it will hold potted plants between 8-inches and 14-inches in diameter.

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