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Hot tea on a hot day might not be the best beverage selection. If tea is your jam, but balmy temperatures are an issue, you can chill your brew with an iced tea maker. Iced tea makers offer favorite brewed blends a refreshing cold finish. So, slice up some lemon wedges, because our transformative tea maker collection provides that relaxing and restorative beverage experience with an icy twist.

Mr. Coffee 3 Quart Iced Tea And Iced Coffee Maker Render

Number one pitcher: Mr. Coffee 3-quart iced tea and iced coffee maker

Staff Pick

Iced tea time is only minutes away with this speedy brewer by Mr. Coffee. True tea drinkers will appreciate the refreshing chill that this device can offer their favorite loose-leaf or bagged blends. Depending on your palette, this machine will deliver the strength you need, dictated by the convenient selector bar. Loaded with your tea choice, ice, and water, this easy machine will conveniently create a brew in about ten minutes. The 3-quart pitcher accommodates single or double servings, so you'll always have the perfect amount. Other notable features include an easy-clean brew basket and an auto shut-off. While this machine brews up a mean ice-cold tea, it can do the same for your preferred roasts.

$70 at Amazon
Ovalware Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker And Tea Infuser Render

Cold brews: OVALWARE airtight cold brew iced coffee maker and tea infuser

Put your caffeine on ice with this carafe, designed to bring the best in cold brew coffee and tea. While this glass vessel brews a mean cup of joe, it's also tea friendly. Whether you're adding fresh grounds or tea leaves to the stainless steel filter, water takes the same brewing journey. Delicious coffee or tea will percolate within 12-24 hours while chilling in the refrigerator. The beverage-transforming carafe is constructed of sturdy borosilicate glass and features an airtight cap with a silicone seal, keeping brews fresh for up to two weeks. This model also has a precise spout and a handle for controlled pours. You'll create the perfect cold beverages with this simple and versatile brewer. It's available in 1 and 1.5-liter options.

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Mr Coffee 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker Render

By the quart: Mr. Coffee 2- quart iced tea maker

Tea off with this essential brewing machine that takes caffeinated beverages to the next level. You'll enjoy refreshing tea by the pitcher with this simple device that brews loose-leaf or bagged teas, and even coffee. Simply fill the water reservoir and the steeping basket, and this machine brews by the quart (2 quarts to be exact) with the push of a button. Tea or coffee is brewed directly into the serving pitcher. When brewing is complete, this masterful tea-making device will automatically shut off.

$29 at Amazon
Takeya Iced Tea Maker Render

Take a pitcher: Takeya iced tea maker

You'll brew a cold beverage in no time with this pitcher-style maker by Takeya. By adding hot water to the pitcher and your favorite tea blend to the mesh infuser, the beautiful brew begins. Once the tea has brewed, the infuser can be removed, and that's when the real magic happens. This iced tea maker has flash chill technology, which means that with a little ice and a few shakes, the beverage completely chills in 30 seconds. Additional features include an airtight, leak-proof lid for freshness, and an infuser holder for no-drip removal. Choose from the 1 or 2-quart sizes and several color options.

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Nostalgia Iced Coffee And Tea Brewing System Render

Classic beverage, retro style: Nostalgia iced coffee and tea brewing system

From leafy beginnings to delicious pours, this iced beverage brewer delivers chilly versions of herbal, fruit, black tea, and more. This simple design crafts up to 12 cups of cold brews with loose leaf or bagged teas, and even coffee grounds for some iced java. You'll craft the perfect cup because this model features a flavor chamber for lemons and sweeteners as well as a strength selector dial with eight settings. With the addition of a little water and some tea leaves to the removable filter basket, this machine will brew ice-cold tea and transport it into the sleek glass pitcher. Not only does this little machine create great frosty brews, but its throw-back design will offer a little flair to your countertop.

$40 at Amazon
Primula Press And Go Loose Leaf Iced Tea Brewer Tumbler Render

To-go tea: Primula Press & Go loose leaf iced tea brewer tumbler

Steep and ice tea to go with this 16-ounce brewer bottle. This at-hand design infuses glorious loose leaf tea with 16 ounces of water and introduces it to chilly ice cubes. This compact tea maker is constructed of BPA-free stain and shatter-proof plastic. Its unique design features an inner chamber that presses brewed tea, separating it from the leaves. When the chamber is added to the tumbler, it should be filled with ice to cool the delicious concoction. The tumbler is topped with a leak-proof, flip-top lid so the tea can be enjoyed at any location. Choose from several color options to scoop up this personalized tea maker.

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To a tea

If you are tea obsessed, sometimes hot tea isn't enough. Sometimes true refreshment lies in an ice-cold beverage. Iced tea makers brew and chill tea so tea drinkers can get their fix at any degree. Our staff pick is the Mr. Coffee 3-quart iced tea and iced coffee maker because, with the touch of a button, it creates up to 3 quarts of cool, delicious liquid from loose-leaf or bagged teas. (It only takes ten minutes.) You can even choose the strength on the selection bar for the perfect thirst-quenching brew. This machine also features a removable brew basket and an auto shut off. If you choose this model, it's almost a guaran-TEA you won't be disappointed.

If you're looking for a single-serve option, the Primula Press & Go loose leaf iced tea brewer tumbler is a great choice. You can brew and cool tea to go with this ultra-portable iced tea maker. Loose-leaf tea can be steeped and pressed in its durable shatter and leak-proof plastic design. Once tea and hot water are added, the 16-ounce bottle's inner chamber strains tea leaves from the brew and chills the delicious liquid with its icy fill. This ultra-customizable traveling iced tea maker has a leak-proof, flip-top lid and is available in several color options.

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