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Best hose timers TechnoBuffalo 2022

Whether you tend to travel regularly or don't have time to personally water your lawn or garden, a hose timer is a great solution. Designs range from an analog knob or dial to smart home compatible hubs equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, capable of transmitting real-time data to you via an app. Read on, and we'll walk you through every type of hose timer and help you choose the best one for your lawn and garden.

Orbit Bhyve Smart Hose Timer Render

Best overall: Orbit B-Hyve Smart Hose Timer with Wi-Fi Hub and Alexa

Staff pick

This weatherproof, leak-free timer's design centers around a Wi-Fi hub offering seamless integration with more B-hyve timers for multiple irrigation zones. It's also Alexa compatible and includes Bluetooth connectivity along with a flow meter. Orbit's proprietary "Weather Sense" tech is at the heart of its app. Watering schedules based on the daily Weather Sense forecast can be automatically created by the app or custom-programmed. The B-Hyve also boasts WaterSense and SWAT certification, ensuring maximum water conservation. Setup is a breeze: simply install the B-hyve app (available for iOS, Android, and web).

$69 at Amazon
Raindrip Hose Timer Analog Render

Analog automation: Raindrip Analog 3-Dial Water Timer

Battery-powered with a small footprint, Raindrip's Analog 3-Dial Water Timer helps you automate your outdoor water usage effortlessly. It's easy to program, with three dials assigned to frequency, run time, and rain delay. For arid climates where every drop of water is precious, your hose timer's rain delay feature is essential. It ultimately contributes to more significant water conservation, compared to models lacking that option. A universal fitting allows this timer to attach to almost any hose, and it's AA battery operated. A small but nice feature is this timer's external battery meter; when they're running low, you can replace them before your watering routine is interrupted.

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Kazeila Hose Timer Alt Render

Digital dexterity: Kazeila IP65 Waterproof Digital Hose Timer with Rain Delay

Low power consumption, flexible programming, and IP65 waterproofing help make this digital hose timer by Kazeila a wise choice for any gardener. Your watering schedule is easily customized in increments between one and 300 seconds, spread across a 15-day range. Also useful is its child lock feature to discourage any toddler tampering. This timer utilizes the inherent pressure in the water supply it's attached to. The three-inch LCD display screen is simple to comprehend. It's powered by 2 AA batteries and includes a rain delay setting.

$29 at Amazon
Instapark Hose Timer Render

Basic with benefits: Instapark IP66 Single Outlet Hose Timer with Rain Delay and Manual Control

Instapark's single-outlet hose appears basic, with its four buttons and large dial. Still, it offers plenty of programming options, including three choices for rain delay (24, 48, or 72 hours) and manual control. It runs on two AA batteries, but they aren't included with your purchase. Those batteries will last about a year thanks to its ultra-low energy consumption. Instapark's IP66-rated timer comes equipped with an impulse solenoid valve. The downside of solenoid valves is that the water pressure can't be adjusted, so flow intensity remains the same. If you need variable flow, skip this timer.

$30 at Amazon
Tacklife Hose Timer Render

Solar simplicity: TACKLIFE Single-Valve Solar Powered Hose Timer

Toss out your AA's, because this hose timer by TACKLIFE is equipped with a solar-powered lithium-ion battery you won't need to change. Sized for standard 3/4-inch US hoses, installation and program creation are easy. Its rain delay can last up to three days, and there's a manual mode if you prefer greater precision. TACKLIFE's timer also has the longest programmable minute-range we've seen, at an incredible 720 minutes. However, its intervals are brief, capped at just seven days. If you tend to take long vacations, you may want your house-sitter to check the timer before the one-week mark.

$22 at Amazon
Orbit Mechanical Hose Timer Render

Twist and go: Orbit Mechanical Watering Hose Timer

No batteries and a concept reminiscent of an egg timer are the first features we noticed on Orbit's mechanical hose timer. It's dead simple to operate; just twist the chunky dial to schedule watering in increments between 15 and 120 minutes. Said dial is exceptionally well-thought-out; its oversized dimensions let gardeners grip it while gloved or barehanded. There are no batteries to worry about either since it's 100% mechanical. Green thumbs accustomed to timers chock-full of customizable programming might want to avoid this one. If you're more of a one-and-done sort of person, then this timer's an excellent fit for you.

$14 at Amazon
Linktap G2 Hose Timer Render

Real-time data: LinkTap G2 Wi-Fi Hose Timer and Flow Meter with Real-Time Notifications

Flow sensors, fault detection, and cloud-controlled watering grace the powerful LinkTap G2 Hose Timer, capable of linking with up to fifteen other G2 timers. Leaks, clogs, and disconnections are detected in real-time via its LinkTap app. High water pressure is well-tolerated, and flow can surpass 32 liters per minute. ECO-mode staggers the valve's open/close motions to conserve even more water. Alexa integration is included, and your 90-day watering history is available in the app. Setup lasts a mere two minutes on average, and then you can beautify your backyard anywhere.

$140 at Amazon

One drop at a time

As the above information's trickled in, hopefully you've settled upon a timer that's best for your day-to-day life. Dry lawns and withered garden beds are sorted out easily with the installation of a hose timer. Maintenance is made effortless with Orbit's B-hyve Smart Hose Timer and its matching app. Surveillance is now remotely controlled, making upkeep more interactive. Suppose you're looking for a timer that's fuss-free, but still modern. In that case, we recommend the Kazeila IP65 Waterproof Digital Hose Timer with Rain Delay. This timer's amply-sized LCD screen is clear and crisp, allowing the user to program it as needed with no difficulty. Combining that screen with the timer's power-saving abilities and IP65 waterproofing absolutely makes up for the lack of app integration.

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