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Sustainable harvests are making a comeback, but you don't have to be a farmer to do your part. Enter herb garden kits, an excellent starting point. They're versatile, affordable, and will brighten up your windowsill, countertop, small city apartment, or plots outdoors. A plus? Most if not all of the components in these kits are completely recyclable, and compostable! Check out our crop of the best herb garden kits out there right now, and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Garden Republic Herbs in the Burbs Kit

Another day in subherbia: Garden Republic Herbs In the 'Burbs Seed Starter Kit

Staff Pick

Maybe it's just me, but I can't turn down a good pun. Garden Republic's "Herbs in the 'Burbs" kit has four culinary basics: cilantro, English thyme, Italian parsley, and Genovese basil. This family-owned company's seed stock is certified USDA organic, and non—GMO. This kit offers waterproofed burlap bags and soil discs for planting. If you're worried about space, all four bags can be nestled in the wooden box the kit comes in. Plus, Garden Republic has additional kits available for crop diversity: succulents and cacti, salsa veggies, hot peppers, unusual vegetables like romanesco and purple dragon carrots, herbal teas (a personal favorite), and even bonsai trees.

$25 at Amazon
Garden Republic Herbal Tea Garden Kit

For tea aficionados: Garden Republic Herbal Tea Garden

Sometimes, you need some tea to start or wind down your day, but what if you don't want the caffeine? Consider another winner from Garden Republic: a thoughtful selection of certified organic and non-GMO traditional herbal teas geared toward relaxation and immunity. Like all Garden Republic kits, it's compact and a space-saver. These seeds have been tested at 90% and higher germination rates, a stainless steel tea infuser ball is included, and you'll even find catnip for your feline friends!

$18 at Amazon
Spade To Fork Herb Garden Kit

Farm to table flavor: Spade to Fork Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

This kit was such a close contender for my staff pick. Spade to Fork, much like AeroGarden, promises 100% growth success. Family–owned as well, Spade to Fork might even offer the most eco–friendly kit of the bunch. The seeds come in paper tubes and the pots are made of air dried sphagnum peat. The included seed markers are made of woodburned bamboo, and are downright adorable.

$27 at Amazon
Aerogarden Salad Pod Herb Garden Kit

Laughing alone with salad: AeroGarden Heirloom Salad Greens Seed Pod Kit

Ah, AeroGarden; the Cadillac of hydroponic countertop cultivation. While they do offer other kits, hear me out! There's just so much variety and color in this group of nine heirloom salad greens that it feels remiss not to include it. AeroGarden always guarantees 100% seed germination, and this fully hydroponic kit will arrive with liquid plant food, grow domes, and a step-by-step growing guide. Pop these pods into any AeroGarden model, and prepare for salad nirvana. Diversifying your five-a-day just got a lot easier!

$15 at Amazon
Kid Friendly Painted Herb Gardening KitKit

Kid-friendly creativity: Dan&Darci Paint and Plant Pizza Herb Growing Kit

The recent rise in virtual education and home learning has many parents scrambling to find ways to occupy their kids with something other than screen time. This authenticated kit stands out and prevents iPad zombie children. It's affordable, encourages creativity and a love for nature, and teaches patience with a tasty reward. The Pizza Herb Growing Kit isn't just for kids, either; it's a fun choice for artsy home pizzaiolos looking to step up their flavor game. Grab a glass of vino, and paint away. After all, who doesn't love pizza?

$25 at Amazon
Herb Garden 11 Culinary Herbs

A culinary cornucopia: GeoBox Culinary Herb Garden Kit

Are you the sort of home cook that loves to use fresh herbs in their dishes, but hates to go to the market every time a recipe calls for them? GeoBox's non-GMO Culinary Herb Grow Kit is the answer, boasting ten popular culinary herbs including chervil and dill, rarer options. The kit also includes two non-herbs—fennel, and arugula. However, the tender fronds that fennel produces are a more delicately flavored version of the bulb itself, and arugula has a peppery kick that elevates any meal.

$25 at Amazon

A bountiful harvest

Keeping an indoor garden can really brighten up your home and promise a fresh and flavorful harvest all year-round. If you're in a small space with limited surface area, the Garden Republic kits are my personal recommendation. They're compact, yet aesthetically pleasing if you dig natural wood/organic materials. If you're looking for your own tea garden, you can try the Garden Republic Herbal Tea Garden to keep you toasty warm.

For those interested in hydroponic growing, or indoor gardeners tired of inevitable soil spillage, the pods compatible with the AeroGarden home hydroponic system provide a perfect plug-and-play experience. Their 100% germination guarantee can't be beat, either. Pick your favorite plants, and within five weeks you've got a homegrown salad bar your local supermarket would envy.

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