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Hawkeye gets a bad rap in the MCU because he doesn't have otherworldly powers, but he's still pretty awesome in our book. Plus, he becomes Ronin in Avengers: Endgame, which means we get a darker, moodier Hawkeye with tattoos. Can you say that about any other Avenger? It doesn't hurt he's a legacy comics character with plenty of forms and outfits. If you're looking for a great Hawkeye action figure, check out our picks.

Taking aim: Avengers: Hawkeye Action Characters

Staff Favorite

One of the best Hawkeye looks was when he showed up in Captain America: Civil War. He was rocking full body armor with his right arm and shooting hand completely covered. The left hand is left open so he can position the bow and cock back the arrow.

$37 at Amazon

Pumping some iron: Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Hawkeye Action Figure

The first time we really see Hawkeye kick ass in the MCU is in The Avengers. This action figure captures his Avengers look down right to the bare arms and his shooting hand. It's also based on the likeness of actor Jeremey Renner, and it looks pretty good if we say so ourselves. It's not often that you get this kind of detail in action figure, although you will have to pay for it.

$89 at Amazon

Going old school: Marvel Retro Collection Hawkeye Figure

If you want a throwback, go with this action figure. Faithfully capturing the iconic look of comic book Hawkeye, this figure really goes old school. Hawkeye is wearing his classic all-purple suit complete with a full face mask and an H right on his forehead, in case you confused him with Iron Man.

$25 at Amazon

Classics never get old: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Marvel's Hawkeye Figure

Another classic Hawkeye figure delivers on the same nostalgia for the original design of the character. This master archer figure comes with the purple suit and bow. This figure is part of a set that completes the All Father figure. You get the torso part here and other figures come with other parts to complete the whole body.

$28 at Amazon

Colorful Hawkeye: Marvel Infinite Series Marvel's Hawkeye

We've seen the classic Hawkeye look, but never quite like this. This Marvel Infinite Series version of the suit somehow looks more flamboyant, representative of a much different. The toy itself stands at 3.75-inches tall, comes with a bow and arrows and offers multiple points of articulation for great movement.

$14 at Amazon

Three arrows to shoot: Marvel Avengers Movie Hawkeye Action Figure

This action figure is based on the movie version of Hawkeye, but it does things a little different. It includes three arrows you can actually shoot. Granted, they look more like bullets than arrows, but we'll take that over nothing. This Avengers movie-inspired Hawkeye comes in a tidy suit and wrist band.

$42 at Amazon

Hawkeye aims his bow: Playmation Marvel Avengers Hawkeye Figure

Playmation makes one of the most stylistic Hawkeye action figures around. Striking the pose of loading his bow and readying to fire an arrow, it looks really cool. Hawkeye is wearing his more modern all-black suit with purple accents that no doubt inspired the look we see in the MCU.

$8 at Amazon

Hawkeye takes down Ultron: Diamond Select Marvel Classic Hawkeye

This might be the best-looking Hawkeye action figure you can buy. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean, this retelling of Hawkeye's original look somehow looks super badass with the stylized suit which includes a slick mask and realistic bow.

$25 at Amazon

Hawkeye becomes Ronin: Titan Hero Series Ronin Action Figure

Come Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye will die and Ronin will rise from the ashes. Donning his new alter ego, Ronin will be on the road for vengeance since his family perished due to the Thanos snap. He will leave everything behind, including his identity as an Avenger. In this figure, he is all covered up, ditching his bow and arrow for a Katana sword.

$10 at Amazon

Take your aim

Strap on your bow and take aim with your arrow. These Hawkeye action figures are fantastic to round out your collection of Avengers action figures or at the very least add that missing piece to a kid's playset.

Our staff favorite is the Avengers: Hawkeye Action Characters figure. He's the most modern of the bunch, offering the up-to-date suit he wore as the Avengers turned on each other and chose sides between the Iron Man-Captain America rift. These decisions are still reverberating going into Avengers: Endgame, but there are bigger fish to fry.

A close runner-up is the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Hawkeye Action Figure, which comes with an impressive amount of detail. This action figure captures the MCU Hawkeye's early Avengers look back when Loki took over his mind and helped him temporarily fracture the Avengers before they teamed up once again and kicked some major Chitauri butt.

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