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Over 20 years ago, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series changed the fantasy landscape for good. Now, Potterheads far and wide have access to books, movies, merchandise, and more. If you're a die-hard Harry Potter fan, then these products deserve to be in your collection.

Harry Potter special edition box set

Back to the beginning: Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition Boxed Set

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Whether you're a Harry Potter fanatic or new to the franchise, the special edition boxed set belongs on your bookshelf. Seven books may seem like a lot, but you'll fly through them in a matter of days as if a magical spell has made it impossible to put them down. These books are all paperbacks, and let you explore the wizarding world in all of its glory, while also having a hard case to return them to when you're done. Each one is the same size, and they share design features as well, ensuring they'll look lovely on your bookshelf in between rereads.

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Harry Potter coloring book

Unleash your creativity: Harry Potter coloring book

Make the Harry Potter universe come to life with the Harry Potter Coloring Book. From iconic characters to memorable monsters and significant scenes, this coloring book will let you unleash your creativity onto the vibrant and magical world of Harry Potter. You can snag this coloring book in a standard bound edition, or for a few dollars more, pick it up spiral bound to make it even easier to color all of your favorite scenes. The pages also range from reasonably simple to complicated designs making this a fun way to spend time for kids and adults alike!

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The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

Delicious delights: The unofficial Harry Potter cookbook

Ever wonder what a Cauldron Cake tastes like? What about a Knickerbocker Glory? You can make these recipes yourself with The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, which features 150 easy-to-make recipes, tips, and techniques for wizards and Muggles alike. There are enough recipes to make full courses, snacks, and even deserts. It's also a great way to have some fun in the kitchen as you attempt to whip up your favorite treats from right out of the books!

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Harry Potter Collectible Kano Coding

Build your own wand: Kano Harry Potter wand kit

The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit has you build your own wand and then use it to learn how to code. There are dozens of different challenges to complete, and when you wave your wand, you'll be able to see effects right on your tablet screen. This is an excellent way to get less STEM minded kids interested in coding by having them build and program their wand. The kit comes with everything you need to get started. All you need to supply is a tablet.

$68 at Amazon

Our favorite options

This list just scratches the surface of the Harry Potter merchandise that's out there, but the above 12 options are a great place to start your collection. Of course, if you're just beginning as a Potterhead, I would grab the Harry Potter Books 1-7 Special Edition Boxed Set, because they are an essential starting point as you go on the magical journey that is Harry Potter. The books are classics and are just as enjoyable for adults as they are for kids, making them an excellent way for parents to bond with their children.

If you're looking for a way to relax and enjoy some Harry Potter time when you do, the line of Harry Potter coloring books are tons of fun for both adults and kids. There are a variety of different coloring books, and each one is filled with characters and locations from the books and movies.

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