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Full-size vacuum cleaners can take up a lot of storage space and can be challenging to move around your house because of their weight. If you're just trying to clean up a small area, you're more likely to reach for a handheld vacuum. Not only are they lightweight, but they can also fit around awkward angles and enter all the small spaces you want to clean. We've gathered a collection of the best handheld vacuums, so you can find the one that fits into the space you need to clean.

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld

Slim fit: BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld

Staff pick

If you want to vacuum tight spaces without needing to find attachments for your vacuum, this model has you covered because the nozzle is long and slender. When you need to reach even further, there's another slender nozzle nestled inside the tip, which slides right out. BLACK+DECKER also included the ability to rotate the entire nozzle, making it easier to navigate tight angles around furniture or in your car. The collection bin and filter are washable, so you won't have to worry about build-up affecting the performance of this vacuum.

$52 at Amazon
Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Best for pet hair: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

This vacuum comes with specialized tools to help you remove pet hair from your furniture. By using a motorized brush tool, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool, you're sure to be able to remove all signs of pet hair from your furniture. You'll also find three levels of filters inside this vacuum to maintain the suction power as you're using it. The collection bin is easy to remove and clean, letting you take advantage of extended use time thanks to the 14V lithium battery.

$$73 at Amazon

Any angle: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pivot Vac

What sets this handheld vacuum apart from other models is the pivoting nozzle. Changing the angle of the nozzle means you can clean the tops of most tall furniture pieces without a ladder. After use, you can wash the collection bowl in your sink. For storage, the nozzle folds all the way down to the motor and perches neatly on a charging base. This choice is perfect for anyone who wants to keep the vacuum easily reachable without looking clunky on the shelf or countertop.

$65 at Amazon
Dirt Devil Scorpion

No power fade: Dirt Devil Scorpion

Although this model isn't cordless like the others, it has excellent features that may be hard to pass on. For starters, the included crevice tool is built into the device, and all you have to do is flip it down to use it. A 2.5 ft hose is also included, which will make reaching under or behind furniture easy. With the 16ft cord and no battery in this handheld vacuum, you'll never have to worry about charging or power fade while using it.

$30 at Amazon
Ehoyal Computer Vacuum

Tiny spaces: Ehoyal Computer Vacuum

Cleaning small spaces like your keyboard, or around the buttons and air vents in your car, can be difficult with full-size handheld vacuums. So if you need to get into the tiniest spaces to remove dust, then this vacuum is for you. It comes with several attachments to help you get into the small crevices, the filter is removable and washable, and you can use a USB port to charge it. While you may not want to take your vacuum traveling with you, not requiring an outlet space is an added convenience.

$40 at Amazon

Light and easy

While not every model here can reach every space, we think the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld can handle most small vacuum needs. The long nozzle with a built-in crevice tool means you won't have to look for any attachments or stretch as far to reach the edges of furniture or windows. When your vacuum is fully charged, BLACK+DECKER's Smart Charge Technology will prevent it from continuously charging, which will protect the life of your battery, and save energy. Finally, the Dustbuster has a small disc charging base, that you can set on any surface, so you won't need to worry about mounting it anywhere.

However, if your biggest gripe with handheld vacuums is that their batteries don't last long enough, then the Dirt Devil Scorpion handheld is an excellent choice. With a 16ft power cord, you won't feel very limited in the space you can clean. The included hose makes this model seem like an upright vacuum in a small package, while the flip-on crevice tool is indeed a handheld convenience.

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