Best Handheld Massagers TechnoBuffalo 2021

It used to cost a lot of money to help you ease your pains away. Thanks to modern techniques, we now have the power to relieve our stress with handheld massage devices. We spent a lot of time getting calm and soothed, in the name of research, to bring you the best handheld massagers available.

Mighty Bliss Body Massager

Best overall: Mighty Bliss body Massager

Staff Pick

The Mighty Bliss body massager is an all-round winner in my book. The extra-long handle and rechargeable battery make it perfect for reaching those hard to reach areas on your back. It has variable speeds, variable intensities, as well as changeable heads, to give you the most thorough massage possible.

$109 at Amazon
Back Buddy Massager

Pressure point perfection: Body Back Buddy

The easiest way to make sure your massager doesn't run out of battery power is to buy one that doesn't need it. The Body Back Buddy is perfect for hitting all those pressure points, with multiple bumps and balls in an s-shaped design. These nodules allow you to get all the different spots around your body in one handy manual stick.

$30 at Amazon
Naipo Back Massage

Warming sensations: Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

These scarf-like massagers use your arms natural weight to pull the kneading dials into your neck, and the warm heat helps reduce the stress that accumulates daily. While this device is designed for your neck, the manual does give you other options as well; it works pretty well on your back.

$53 at Amazon
Sonic Percussion Massager

Power in your grip: Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

These kinds of percussion guns are used by professional athletes to help target trouble spots and kneed out the muscle so they can continue playing. They tend to be a little bigger than other handheld massagers, but they are indeed beneficial.

$175 at Amazon
Latme Head Massagers

Just the head: LATME Electric Scalp Massager

There is nothing quite as lovely as a good scalp massage. The motion helps soothe your stress and can even reduce headaches. The LATME has 28 teeny tiny nodules that rotate into your scalp — it's like being massaged by fairies — and it comes with a stylish USB charger to house it.

$44 at Amazon
Zyllion Shiatsu Massager

For the office: Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck

Although this Shiatsu massager works well on your neck, I use it for my lower back. Working at a desk all day can make your lumbar region extremely sore, and this warming massager soothes the pain away better than a hot bath.

$50 at Amazon

Sooth the pain away

Handheld massagers have revolutionized how we deal with pain. We no longer have to spend money for others to massage small aches and pains; we can do it ourselves. In the case of the Mighty Bliss body Massager, you can reach almost every single part of your body and massage the living hell of any aches.

I also love my lumbar massager, the Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck massager, as I can use it at work while I'm writing to reduce the pain in my lower back. It's an almost euphoric feel to have your back hurt and instantly feel better when the machine starts up.

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