Best Hand Trucks TechnoBuffalo 2021

If you're worried about dropping something fragile, hurting your back, or just don't want to break a sweat, you should be using a hand truck. Just pile your boxes, bags, or cases of water on the cart and pull it where you need to go. There are plenty of options to choose from, but we've gathered a collection of the best hand trucks to help you move items with minimal effort, no matter your needs.

Harper Trucks 400 lb Capacity Hand Truck and Dolly

Easy to carry: Harper Trucks Hand Truck and Dolly, 400 lbs

By using a nylon plastic frame, Harper Trucks offers a hand truck that is 30% lighter than most steel-frame models, so carrying it with you is a breeze. When this model is in the two-wheel configuration, it can hold 300 lbs, and when it's in the four-wheel configuration, it can hold 400 lbs. Curbs and stairs are also less of a hassle, thanks to the built-in stair glides.

$55 at Amazon
Samsonite Compact Folding Luggage Cart

Best for travelers: Samsonite Compact Folding Luggage Cart

Are you traveling with more bags than you expected or a set without wheels? Consider this model from Samsonite for stacking up to 70 lbs of luggage so that you can scoot through the airport. The attached support strap will make sure each bag stays on the cart, and the entire unit folds down, so you can place it into one of your bags until you need it again.

$27 at Amazon
Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

Grocery getter: Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

This personal hand truck folds down to 2.5 inches thick, but it can support up to 150 lbs of boxes, bags, or whatever else you need to transport. The handle extends to 39 inches long, and the 5-inch rubber wheels support a 15-inch wide base. You can even purchase collapsible storage totes that fit on this model, making it perfect for groceries.

$44 at Amazon
Magna Cart Ideal Hand Truck

Easy setup: Magna Cart Ideal Hand Truck

Similar to the Personal version from Magna Cart, this model can support 150 lbs of items. However, instead of aluminum, it's constructed with a steel frame, and soft-grip handles, making it sturdy enough for regular use. Although this version doesn't include an adjustable handle, the entire cart expands into its full form with the touch of a button -- an excellent option when you don't have two free hands.

$34 at Amazon
Harper Trucks Hand Truck and Dolly with Pneumatic Wheels

Heavy duty: Harper Trucks Hand Truck and Dolly, 700 lbs

Are you moving something huge? When used in its two-wheel form, this lightweight model from Harper Trucks model can support up to 600 lbs! And when you convert to the cart configuration, it can support an extra 100 lbs on top of that. The handle has three height options, and the rubber tires are connected with swivel casters, making it less difficult to fit through the turns in hallways.

$83 at Amazon

Wheel it away

Work smarter by carting all your heavy things around with a hand truck. For most people, we think the Harper Trucks Hand Truck and Dolly is the best option. The ability to quickly convert between two- and four-wheel configurations makes it appealing for moving boxes, music equipment, or even dorm room furniture.

If you only plan to handle lightweight tasks, then consider the Magna Cart Ideal Hand Truck. Being able to open the cart with one button is a feature you'll miss on other models. And when considering the weight limit of 150 lbs, it's a real deal at its price point.

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