Best Hair Ties TechnoBuffalo 2021

Whether you have medium or long, thin or thick hair, finding the right hair tie is imperative. There are plenty of options available based on the type of material and the strength of the hold you need. Not sure which hair tie is for you? Check out our favorites.

Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties

Volume boost: Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties

Staff Pick

Spiral hair ties are like a circular phone cord, with the gaps between spirals letting your hair become separated and look fuller in your ponytail. They are great at staying in place without holding hair too tight, and they won't break smaller hair strands upon removal. This set has four colors, with a clear option sold separately.

$6 at Amazon
Seven Style 60pc Velvet

Color coordinate: SEVEN STYLE Velvet Scrunchies

Match any outfit with this set of over 60 scrunchies. Their soft, velvety-material will be gentle on all hair types, freeing you from hair strands being pulled like they can be when using traditional elastics. Perfect for top buns or a relaxed ponytail, this value is hard to beat for the number of hair ties you receive.

$6 at Amazon
Goody Ouchless Braided Elastic

Superior hold: Goody Ouchless Braided Elastics

Goody's Ouchless ties will stay in place no matter your style or activity. They now have an elastic core that is 40% stronger, so each tie will last longer. You'll get 27 ties in a pack, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

From $4 at Amazon
Teenitor Clear Elastic Hair Bands

Intricate work: Teenitor Clear Elastic Hair Bands

If you're doing lots of braids, or you just want a minimal holder for your ponytail, then this option is for you. You'll receive a plastic case with 2,000 elastic bands, which means there are plenty to put extras in your bag, pocket, or car. However, these bands are not intended to be reused.

$9 at Amazon
Goody Ouchless Hair Scrunchies

Perfectly plain: Goody Ouchless Hair Scrunchies

If you don't need the rainbow of colors offered in our other scrunchie pick, then this set from GOODY is an excellent option. You'll get eight black hair ties made from a jersey knit material that is gentle on your hair. These are ideal for very long and thick hair types.

$4 at Amazon
Whaline Macaron Theme Hair Scrunchies

Ombre all-day: Whaline Macaron Theme Hair Scrunchies

This pastel-colored set of scrunchies is inspired by macarons and is excellent for creating an ombre effect in any hairstyle. The gentle velvet material is soft and perfect for daily or overnight wear. They also come in other ombre sets, like Blue Gray or Blush.

From $9 at Amazon

Pull it back

The best types of hair tie will often depend on your personal preferences. However, we feel that the Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties offer the most significant benefits to most people who want to put their hair up. The spiral shape creates volume in your hair without products and doesn't latch onto fine hairs like traditional elastics. And once they stretch out, you can place them in a hot cup of water to regain their original shape.

If you need a stronger hold, then consider the Goody Ouchless Hair Ties, which increased their elastic life considerably over previous versions of the same product. They come in larger packs of several colors and will make sure hair stays in place all day long.

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