Best Hair Accessories for Girls TechnoBuffalo 2021

The best hair days are achieved with the proper accessories. Whether it be a well-placed bow or scrunchie, the right accessory can unlock her hairstyle's glamorous potential. What makes a great hair accessory? The perfect combination of personality and function. It must look cute, but also needs staying power. To help narrow your search, we've collected the best hair accessories for girls.

Seven Style 60-Piece Velvet Hair Scrunchies Set

Happy hues: Seven Style 60-Piece Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set

Staff Pick

Add a bit of charm to that perfect pony with this colorful assortment of scrunchies designed to match any outfit. This vibrant set of 60 scrunchies is shaped in soft velvet, offering a touch of texture to each hairstyle. A gentle alternative to regular elastic hairbands, this is an option that won't pull and reduces the chance of breakage. Also, different color, style, and quantity options are available.

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DEEKA 20-Piece 6-inch Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Clips

Take a bow: Deeka 20-Piece 6-inch Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Clip Set

When classic hairstyles like ponytails, buns, or braids become a little ordinary, a well-placed bow can make all the difference. This 20-piece set of multi-color bows, shaped in grosgrain ribbon, is designed to add a little panache to any do. Each bow is attached to a sturdy alligator clip that secures to hair easily and is designed to stay in place. Different sizes, colors, and quantities are also available to match your styling needs.

$14 at Amazon
Habibee 8-Piece Knotted Headband Set

Bold bands: Habibee 8-Piece Headband Set

Sweep away pesky loose strands or add a healthy dose of charm with this eight-piece headband set. This multicolor collection's knotted wrap style offers a chic retro vibe. Each of the eight color options is an opportunity to perfectly accent any ensemble. But are they comfortable? Four words: soft and stretchy cotton. This set offers style without sacrificing comfort.

$12 at Amazon
Habibee 100-Piece Metal Hair Clip Set

Cue the clips: Habibee 100-Piece 2-inch Metal Hair Clip Set

It's simple to make locks lovelier with the colorful pop of a hair clip or two. Playful prints and bright colors define this set of 100 metal clips that secure hair in a snap. Each 2-inch clip, perfect for taming unruly flyways, is designed to hold hair in place with tons of character.

$9 at Amazon
SWACC 22-Piece Multi-color Synthetic Hair Extension Set

Highlight hooray: SWACC 22-Piece Multicolor Synthetic Hair Extension Set

Highlight hair in seconds with trendy extensions. This set of 22 synthetic extensions offer hairstyles brilliant color for a salon look without the hassle. Featuring 11 different color options, it's fun to mix and match hues. Each vibrant hairpiece can be swapped simply with an easy-to-secure comb. Various colors, texture, and quantity options are also available.

$14 at Amazon
E-accexpert 12-piece Faux Pearl Hair Clip Set

Pretty pearls: E-accexpert 12-Piece Pearl Hair Clip Set

Luminous pearl-inspired beads detail this sophisticated assortment of hair accessories. Each shimmering bead is fixed to a collection of 12 clips shaped in goldtone metal. These classy easy-stay hair accessories are the perfect choice to dress-up dos with a variety of unique styles. Double them up or wear them alone, this chic set is a glam and versatile choice.

$10 at Amazon

Mundane mane, no problem

There are no hair limitations when you have the right accessories. The best hair accessories for girls offer personality and have staying power. Scrunchies are a great place to start when it comes to securing the perfect ponytail or half-up style. They are colorful and easy on hair. That's why our pick is the Seven Style 60-Piece Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set. These soft scrunchies are vibrant, and the variety of color options make them a great selection.

Need something extra? A bow or two might do the trick. Grosgrain ribbon bows are ideal when it comes to adding a little pizazz to an already-cute hairstyle. The Deeka 20-Piece 6-inch Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Clip Set offers various bright color options to accent any outfit. And, each bow is fixed to an alligator clip for an easy and secure hold. But, if you're looking for something more glamorous, the party-perfect E-accexpert 12-Piece Pearl Hair Clip Set offers hair a refined look. With several different clip options, there is no limit to the hairstyle options.

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