Best grass seeds TechnoBuffalo 2022

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is a labor of love, and it all starts with choosing the right type of grass seed. Whether you're trying to thicken your green spaces outdoors, or wanting to grow wheatgrass for yourself and your cat, choosing the right type of seed is essential. Check out our collection of the best grass seeds for people and pets.

Scotts Turfbuilder Grass Seed

Lushest lawn: Scotts TurfBuilder grass seed

Staff Pick

Are some of your yard exposed to the sun, while other parts are not? Scotts Turf Builder grass seed is great for both applications and will help thicken an existing lawn. Each seed has a special WaterSmart PLUS coating to absorb water, so your seeds have the best chance to grow.

From $12 at Amazon
Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra Mixture

Dark green lawn: Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra grass seed mixture

Get a dark green lawn with Jonathan Green's blended grass seed. There are Black Beauty tall fescues, elite Kentucky Bluegrass, and elite Perennial Ryegrass. These seeds will grow in clay and sandy soil and are resistant to insects.

$81 at Amazon
Scotts Ez Seed Dog Spot Repair

Erase the trace: Scotts EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair grass seeds

This mulch, seed, and soil mixture contains a salt neutralizer that helps your lawn recover from dog urine. The individual seeds can hold 6x their weight in water, thanks to a special coating that doubles as a way to keep seeds in place. These seeds are best suited for an area that gets a lot of sunshine.

From $11 at Amazon
Smartykat Sweet Greens Grass Seeds

Kitty starter kit: SmartyKat Sweet Greens cat grass kit

Ready to try growing some lush greens for your kitty friend? SmartyKat provides you with everything you need to get started: a potting container, organic-approved gardening soil, and seeds. You'll have blades of grass in about a week.

$3 at Amazon
Powergrow Wheatgrass Seeds

Health-focused: PowerGrow Systems Wheatgrass Seeds

Wheatgrass can get expensive if you're constantly depending on someone else to grow it. With this option, you get five pounds of grass seed to sprout for juicing, baking, or grinding. Plus, it's certified USDA Organic and non-GMO.

$14 at Amazon

The grass is greener

We think the Scotts TurfBuilder grass seed is the best option for most people. The ability to grow in the sun or shade makes it perfect for your entire lawn, instead of just the front or back. And their addition of WaterSmart PLUS coating on each seed will make sure that they have the best chance of sprouting into beautiful new blades of grass.

For those who want to test growing wheatgrass for pets, we recommend the Smartykat Sweet Greens cat grass kit. You'll get everything you need to start growing the grass, the cost of the kit is low, and the container won't take up much space in your house or apartment.

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