Best Cases for the Pixel 3 XL TechnoBuffalo 2022

Google really stepped up its game with the Pixel 3 XL marking a big improvement over the outgoing Pixel 2 XL. The big shift to a glass and metal body made the phone look and feel way more luxurious and premium, but it also made it more fragile. That's why it is probably a good idea to get a case to protect it and that amazing camera. Here are our picks for the best Pixel 3 XL cases.

Leather goodness: Bellroy Leather Case

Staff Favorite

The best case you can buy for the Pixel 3 XL is the Bellroy Leather Case. Donning a super slim profile and a design that features subtle and premium leather, it's a fantastic case that feels amazing in the hand. The leather will age beautifully over time, developing a nice patina, and the case itself completely protects the phone. Inside, your phone will be snuggled by a soft microfiber lining.

$49 at Bellroy

Google's own case: Google Fabric Case

As you'd expect, Google's first-party Fabric Case earned a spot on our list because it's awesome, but also because it's a first-party case that offers plenty of protection. It's unlike any other case you can buy, made of a tailored knit exterior that really stands out. Google also threw in some nice detail with the accent colored power button.

$38 at Amazon

Ruggedly minimal: Nomad Rugged Case

Nomad made something truly spectacular with this case. It made a product that is one part luxurious, that being the Horween leather finish that will age beautifully, and one part rugged protection, constructed with TPU frame that offers up to 6 feet of drop protection. Combine both and you have a truly versatile case that is the best of both worlds.

$45 at Nomad

Ultra thin option: Spigen Thin Fit Case

We can talk about protection all we want, but sometimes you just want your case to get out of the way with the least amount of bulk. If that is you, then the Spigen Thin Fit Case is calling your name. Designed to be slim and lightweight, it won't be as obtrusive as other cases while still providing ample protection with scratch-resistant PC material.

$10 at Amazon

All-around protection: Speck Presidio Case

Speck has been killing the case game for nearly a decade now, and its marquee Presidio Case for the Pixel 3 XL is as impressive as ever. Made of a polycarbonate hardshell exterior outlined with a soft-rubber material called Impactium, this case can withstand drops up to 10 feet and your phone won't even flinch one bit. Other details like the raised rubber ridges also make it comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

$22 at Amazon

Brute protection: Otterbox Defender Case

The name of the game for the Otterbox Defender Case is total and complete protection, and that's exactly what it delivers. This might not be the aesthetic most people are looking for, but for those who place protection high atop their list for a case, this is a great option.

$34 at Amazon

Tougher than nails: Spigen Tough Armor Case

Whereas our previous selection goes for brute force, Spigen finds a nice middle ground with its Tough Armor Case. Don't get me wrong, it's still a protection beast with its dual-layer resistance and military-grade Air Cushion Technology frame, but it also provides some welcomed additions like the reinforced kickstand for when you watching Netflix or YouTube.

$16 at Amazon

See right through it: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Where some want the best protection, others want to show off their phone. It's the reason phone manufacturers have come out with all these funky colors like pink, red, and yellow. That's where the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case comes into play. Its clear finish lets you show off your phone while still protecting it from the everyday wear and tear that all phones take.

$10 at Amazon

Add a bi-fold wallet: JAFO Wallet Case

The wallet case is quite a novelty, but some people love them for their two-in-one functionality. The JAFO Wallet Case is one of the best options you can go with. It's made out of handmade leather that will age nicely over time, and has multiple compartments for all your cards and cash. It also has a magnetic latch that makes sure the bi-fold section folds up properly.

$40 at Amazon

Add a touch of color: Incipio DualPro Case

Here's where we have some fun. We've given you many options, so now lets go for some color. The Incipio DualPro Case comes in a vibrant Rose Gold color that looks amazing. There's also a boring black option, but this one is way better. Don't worry, you still get the protection you desire with its rigid polycarbonate outer shell and shock absorbing inner core that keeps your phone in place.

$26 at Amazon

Floral decor: Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell Case

In keeping with our turn towards style, you can't get more stylish than with this Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell Case for the Pixel 3 XL. First of all, it's a Kate Spade case, so you know it has style thanks to its mix of a clear case emblazoned with a flower pattern. It's all aided by the shock resistant frame that will take all the punishment aimed for your phone.

$30 at Amazon

Pattern galore: Topnow Clear Pattern Case

Take the style element to the next level with the Topnow Clear Pattern Case. You get to pick from 10 different patterns to adorn a clear case that will rightfully fit your style, whether it's the Cactus Plexus or the Sunflower finish. Whichever one you go for, your Pixel 3 XL is going to look awesome in this case.

$11 at Amazon

Top notch protection

We didn't just pick that title because of the Pixel 3 XL's oversized notch, pun definitely intended, we picked it because we all want the best protection for our phone. Some want it in a slim form factor while others want some style with it, but regardless, above all else, you want your phone safe and sound.

Our staff favorite case for the Pixel 3 XL is the Bellroy Leather Case because who doesn't like leather? It's awesome because it's not only premium, but it also ages beautifully to a darkened patina finish. Then there is the precise cut outs perfect for the amazing camera and fingerprint scanner on the back and the slim profile that still lets you use the Active Edge. Considering all this, it is easy to see why this is our favorite selection.

Not too far behind that case is the Google Fabric Case. As far as first party cases are concerned, Google did an amazing job with this one. The strong yet impressive weave material will hold up over time and on top of that, Google threw in details like the wide-ranging colors and accent colored power button that give this case a truly colorful spirit.

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