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Golfers have to consider a lot of equipment choices but how many think of the golf club grip. A poorly chosen grip can dramatically affect the performance of a costly club and, subsequently, your game. A worn-out grip can cause the club to slip from your hands as you swing, resulting in the ball being hit off-center. One bad stroke and your entire game can suffer. Fortunately, changing the grip on your club(s) is easy and relatively cheap. It will make your club feel new. But which grips are the best for you? Don't worry; we have collected a list of our favorite recommendations so you can choose the right grip.

SuperStroke golf club grip

Best overall: SuperStroke slim 3.0 putter grip, oversized, lightweight golf grip

Staff Pick

The Superstrike Slim 3.0 Putter Grip probably gives the best combination of touch, swing, and precision. It also offers excellent balance for your swing and prevents the wrist from any swing interruptions. This model is also USGA approved, so it is safe to use. This is a golf grip to enhance the feeling of comfort before, during, and after your swing, that is why it is the preferred choice by the majority of the golfing community. Perhaps it's because this grip features a lightweight foam, which has been enhanced by an additional PU material, enabling you to have a comfortable grip. The reasons are many, but we think this is the best overall choice of golf club grip for any level of golfer.

$25 at Amazon
Winn Dritav Golf Grips

Best clubs grip set: Winn dri-tac avs midsize golf grip (set of 9/13)

These grips come in sets of 9 or 13 per pack and can be adjusted to suit the size of your hands. The Dri-Tac series has some of the best shock absorption and can be used in any weather condition. The sophisticated black finish, contoured textured pattern, and polymer material adds to the durability and soft feel. Why not change all your clubs to make them look new and uniform in your bag?

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Golf Pride Golf Grip

Rubber compound grip: Golf pride MCC plus4 new decade multicompound golf grip

We all understand the value of a consistent stroke every time, so here is a grip to offer that accuracy. With a patterned and pebbled surface, you get better control over your clubs. Made from a hybrid combination of cord and rubber, the ALIGN technology ensures accurate hand placement during long games. Can you do without this better-performing grip, whether you're a professional or amateur player? You can if you don't want to reach the next level!

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Winn Dri-Tac Golf Club

Best junior grips: Winn dri-tac winndry junior .550 grip

The Winn Dri-Tac is the best tackiest and non-slip grip. So, this is the best all-weather grip for juniors and people with small hands. The polymer material is cushioned enough not to cause blisters, even without gloves. Now young children can fully enjoy the game as they are learning the art of the game.

$8 at Amazon
Winn Ladies golf grip

Best ladies' golf grips: Winn ladies dri-tac gray/pink undersize grip

The Winn Ladies DriTac is a non-corded rubber grip that is easy on the hands but is entirely reliable for non-slip performance. Coming in a pink and grey combination and made of a polymer material, this grip has a soft and cushioned feel. It is an all-weather grip that is tailor-made for smaller hands and is round and tacky enough to ensure that you don't need to over-grip.

$8 at Amazon
SuperStroke Golf Grip

Best for large grips: SuperStroke fatso 5.0 putter grip

The SuperStroke has a very thick grip to enhance the dynamics of anyone's game. The balance that this grip prevents any excessive tension on the wrist, forearm, and other muscles. This is what makes the SuperStroke one of the most popular grips on the PGA circuit. This product is designed to give you more control and torque, giving you a feeling of comfort while wielding the club. Hey, the professionals can't be wrong, can they?

$18 at Amazon

Enhance the value of your clubs with the right grips

The right grip can tailor the balance and feel of your club to your specifications. It will add confidence to your game. The wrong or worn-out grip can have the exact opposite effect. Therefore, the choice of the right grip is critical, and it's a relatively cheap fix. Our pick for the best overall golf club grip is the SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Oversized, Lightweight Golf Grip. This is a preferred grip for many top-rated golfers on the circuit and has featured in many international victories. The parallel technology provides even pressure in both hands and eliminates tension in the wrist and forearms. This is an excellent choice for any level of golfer.

Another great choice is the SuperStroke Fatso 5.0 Putter Grip, which is also a favorite on the professional circuit. The larger size and comfortable material enhance control, direction, and torque.

Anyone of the golf grips from our list would make an excellent choice for you as you consider your preferences and game style.

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