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Golf is such a strange game. No matter how hard you analyse training videos and practice, the minute you get to the tee is a new adventure. Golf is such a cerebral game that even the most expensive clubs and balls will not improve your game if the mind is not focussed. One way of getting that focus is through repetitve practice so that the body is programmed with the muscle memory to create a constant swing and hit. The short pitching game wins tournaments, so we have picked some of the best golf pitching nets to help you build that side of the game. With the appropriate practice, the club selection and swing become automatic because you have spent the time "memorizing" it.

Jeff pitching net

ProductCategoryTKTKTK: JEF WORLD OF GOLF Collapsible Chipping Net

Staff Pick

The Jeff World of Golf chipping net is an excellent indoor net that will also fit in the backyard. So you can practice year round. It boasts three chipping baskets that makes it ideal for all skill levels. Excellent for left or right handed golfers, this 100 percent nylon net will reduce from a 23-inch diameter to a 7-inch for easy storage, or if you are too good for it. Now there is no excuse for why your game isn't improving.

$30 at Amazon
Podium pitching net

Best bang for the buck: PodiuMax Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Practice like a Pro with the PodiuMax and utilize the three targets in the net design to help improve your short distance chipping accuracy. This is a must-have chipping net for golfers of all levels! The net can only weighs about 1 pound and can be packed away in a small handbag, making it convenient for both indoor and outdoor use. Now you can practice with and against your family or friends, but use foam balls.

$9 at Amazon
Sklz pitching net

Best premium net: Sklz Quickster Chipping Net

Use the three staggered targets of the SKLZ Quickstar net to practice different situations you esperience on the links. It's made of sturdy ightweight materials that allow you to use real golf balls also. It's mostly for outdoor use but if you have higher ceilings then feel free to use it indoors too. A nylon carrying bag is included with the purchase and it takes seconds to set up and take down.

$36 at Amazon
Rukket chipping net

Set up in your office: Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

The Rukket net is 20-inch by 25-inch by 20-inch so can fit in the corner of your office. It comes with 12 foam practice balls and three targets to sharpen your skills, and a carry bag. There are no concerns about you playing indoors with foam balls so play to your hearts content, you just can't throw your club if frustrated!

$30 at Amazon
Izzo chipping net

You can secure this net also: IZZO Mini Mouth Chipping Net

The IZZO Mini Mouth is a 24-inch diameter net with a bullseye target. It has a patented pop up design for quick assembly and pegs to hold it down in windy conditions. Made from all-weather materials, this net is great for practising in any outdoor conditions but is small enough to be brought indoors too. A carry bag and two ground stakes come with the net.

$20 at Amazon
Callaway chipping net

A fashion statement also: Callaway Golf Chip-Shot Chipping Net

The black color of the Callaway net will fit with any office or home decor. It's made from ultra light and durable materials, so set-up and take-down is easy, and collapses from a 25-inch by 25-inch size, down to a 12-inch diameter for easy storage. Made for use with foam balls, the net is suitable for adults and the young budding golfers.

$28 at Amazon
Truebirdie chipping net

A high quality net: TrueBirdie HealPT Golf Chipping Net for Indoor or Outdoor Practice

The Truebird HealPT is a high quality chipping net with a 30-inch wide target, and suitable for foam and real golf balls. All balls that hit the net are conveniently collected while the durable construction keeps the net from toppling over. It can be further anchored with ground stakes that come with the net. Practice your wedge shots in the backyard or indoors, you have no excuse now.

$30 at Amazon
Himal chipping net

Most durable: Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

The easy pop design makes the Himal net ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The 25-inch by 25-inch by 20-inch spring steel frame can be folded more than 1000 times and still give you good service. A unique nail fastener allows you to anchor the net to the ground so you can continue practicing your chip shots in blustry conditions. The three target holes help you to vary your strokes.

$13 at Amazon

Practice, practice and practice some more!

A practice net provides a pressure-free environment to prepare you for the pressures of the real game. Most of the time you are playing yourself so you need to be near-flawless with your stance, posture and swing. Only practice will help and we think the best net for you to use is the JEF WORLD OF GOLF Collapsible Chipping Net. It's an excellent practice net for indoor and outdoor use that's sturdy enough to use throughout the year. It folds from a 23-inch diameter down to just 7 inches so take it on vacation if you want. The three chipping baskets give you the opportunity to practice a variety of shots.

If your looking for something that is extremely sturdy, then select the Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net which is made with a spring steel frame and is suitable for use with foam or real balls. It will take you seconds to set up and start a game with your family or friends. Also, don't worry about leaving it outside as it's weather resistant.

The choice of the net depends upon your circumstances and the time to practice, but you need it to improve your game. Picking any of the above will satisfy your needs so give one a try and see how your subsequent game improves.

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