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Cinematic escapism is essential to the film aficionado. Whether it's hunting a hungry great white shark off the coast of an ill-fated island or hopping in a converted ambulance to capture a specter or two, movie lovers hold onto their favorite tales, watching and re-watching with the same fervor and joy. So, gifts for such screen-happy individuals should inspire that same feeling. Ranging from home theater-worthy gadgets to game night musts, we've gathered the ideal items to honor that motion picture magic. Binge the features in our queue now!

Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector Render

Petite projection: VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector

Staff Pick

Capture theatrical grandeur with the atmosphere-replicating power of a miniature projector. This small-but-mighty media master casts the frames of beloved films with the support of a 1080P resolution and a sizable viewing area that maxes out at a whopping 170 inches. By simply connecting the device to a smartphone or gaming console, streaming content is a breeze. Pint-sized in stature, the projector's ultra-portable design makes it even more coveted and a great addition to living rooms, backyards, or anywhere with an outlet and a flat surface. To enhance the cinematic experience, it also features a Hi-Fi speaker and runs almost silently. Whether the picture is realized on a living room wall or an inflatable screen, this projector will not disappoint.

$100 at Amazon
Disney Dreams Collection Coloring Book By Thomas Kinkade

Undeniable Disney: Disney Dreams Collection coloring book by Thomas Kinkade

Disney fanatics are not to be trifled with, they are serious about their Walt addition, and it should be celebrated. In this case, the celebration is a coloring book. Thomas Kinkade reimagines beloved animated features from Cinderella to Fantasia in the pages of this coloring book. His enchanting renditions, 63 in total, even feature the original full-color artwork as a guide or inspiration. From splashy seafaring scenes to tucked-away, lush forest landscapes, the familiar characters live out their stories in this fun, color-ready book.

From $7 at Amaon
Great Northern Popcorn Company Antique Popcorn Machine Render

Get poppin': Great Northern Popcorn Company antique popcorn machine

For those building a home theater, authenticity is key. And popcorn is essential to that at-the-movies experience. The familiar scent should be hanging in the air, and the yummy buttery goodness should be savored. With 860 watts of corn-popping power, this machine will pump out fluffy kernels by the pot full (making 2 to 3 gallons at a clip). It cranks out the corn in bygone style, too. The decades-past design features grand crimson trim, scrolling details, and tempered glass panels. The machine is controlled by a switch trio (located at the tip-top) with options to manage the kettle, stirrer, and warmer. There's even a catch-all tray for stray unpopped morsels. To achieve the full effect, this machine is also sold with a cart.

$179.99 at Amazon
Blockbuster Board Game Render

Best on the block: Blockbuster board game

No need to dust off that vintage Blockbuster card to enjoy movie rental bliss from the days of yore. Before streaming was a thing, new film releases were only available on a VHS. (Netflix, who?) Packaged in the rectangular confines of that classic Blockbuster case, this board game pits movie lover against movie lover. Players will square off against one another, breaking into two teams to put their movie knowledge to the test. The object of the game is to collect movie cards from each of the eight genres, including comedy, action, and horror. Teams will add to their card collection by describing films (in one word), acting them out, and quoting famous lines. Correct guesses mean ultimate movie domination and adding to that coveted card collection. This game also features a Blockbuster parking lot board and a sign for added 1990s flair as well as a handy buzzer for head-to-head rounds. Rewind game night with this nostalgic choice.

$10 at Amazon
Star Wars Galaxys Edge The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook By Chelsea Monroe Cassel And Marc Sumerak Render

Galactic cuisine: Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Marc Sumerak

Cinematic appreciation should not be absent in the kitchen, especially when it comes to Star Wars. Cuisine gets that much-needed intergalactic infusion with recipes that get creative, using the spacey setting as food fodder. The quest for a satisfying palate is led by Strono "Cookie" Struggs, outlining the scrumptious dishes that do the ever-growing franchise justice. The cookbook explores the Black Spire Outpost featuring 70 recipes, including entrees, desserts, and even beverages. Dining experiences will be unforgettable, with everything from Braised Shaak Roast to Spicy Mandalorian Stew.

From $28 at Amazon
Enno Vatti Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster Render

Movie must-sees: Enno Vatti top 100 movies scratch-off poster

Movie enthusiasts need a healthy helping of classic filmography to reach "buff" status. For true motion picture appreciation, serial viewers need to experience the best of the best, so this move tracking poster is essential. The grid-style poster features 100 of the best movies in all genres, including romance, drama, and action. Each movie is represented by a scratch-off square hiding a fun movie-inspired graphic. (Squares are to be scratched when films are seen.) Measuring 16.5-by-23.4 inches, this poster is display-ready with a sleek black and gold color scheme. So, it's perfect for living rooms and home theaters alike. Packaged in a giftable box, this option is an easy choice.

$28 at Amazon
Celebrity Machines Back To The Future Vanity Prop License Plate Render

Close-up ready auto: Celebrity Machines Back to the Future vanity prop license plate

Locating a DeLorean that's also a time machine might be impossible but transforming any vehicle into a pseudo time traveler is possible with just a license plate. The memorable Californian plate, donned by that favorite gull-wing-door automobile, is replicated in this stamped aluminum design. Its details are true to film, right down to the blue "OUTATIME" lettering. It even includes the 1986 registration stickers for maximum authenticity. Offering both a retro vibe and a futuristic flair, this vanity plate is essential to any Back to the Future fan. Note: flux capacitor is not included.

$20 at Amazon
Yoenyy Movie Theater Pillow Cases Render

Scene-stealing décor: YOENYY movie theater pillowcases

For home theaters, setting the scene is really important. Movie lovers need a personal media retreat, and the pop of well-placed props will project that theatrical vibe. Camera-ready touches recreate a night out on a night in, and these pillowcases really do the trick. With marquee-ready text, a vintage count-down marker, and clapper board, these thematic covers recreate the retro at-the-movies style. Each of the four, cozy cotton-blend cases fits an 18-by-18-inch pillow, closes with a discreet zipper, and is machine washable. This set brings the cinema to a sofa near you.

$26 at Amazon

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Movie-themed gifts are perfect for the film-obsessed. Whether the gift makes the viewing experience special or features a favorite film, themed gadgets, trinkets, and tokens will really make an impact. (No retakes required). For that big-screen feel without the cost, investing in a projector can really make a difference. And, as a bonus, they really create that at-the-movies atmosphere. So, the VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector is a great choice and easily takes our top spot. With a 1080P resolution and a 170-inch (at max) display, old favorites and new releases are perfectly realized and ready to be enjoyed. The projector can be connected to any smartphone or gaming device to begin streaming. It's portable, runs quietly, and even has a HiFi speaker, so soundtracks and dialogue really sing. As a bonus, the projector comes with a case, HDMI cable, power cable, and remote control.

There are a ton of great movies out there, and true movie buffs need to see the greatest ones. The Enno Vatti top 100 movies scratch-off poster is essential for expanding that movie catalog. The 16.5-by-23.4-inch poster has a classic black and gold look. Its gridded style features squares paired with must-see movie titles. Each scratch-off square features a fun movie graphic that is revealed when a movie is seen. This film-filled poster is a fun challenge, ideal for any fan.

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