Analysts are already moving their projections up for how many iPads Apple will sell this year, and writers are already saying that it will be this year’s “Tickle Me Elmo” (is any toy ever going to replace that thing as an example?), but is this on its way to being a self-fulfilling prophecy?  It appears there is a large dose of reality attached to it.

iPad ChristmasCurrently all iPad models are showing a shipping schedule of 7 to 10 days, and as we get closer to the holiday shopping season it is sure to get worse.  While normal gift buying would cause those dates to slip some more, it seems that no one was quite ready for the demand Apple has seen on these devices.

According to a report from Reuters, LG, the company that produces the screens for the iPads is unable to keep up with the demand.  According to LG Display CEO Kwon Young-soo it may take as long as the second quarter of 2011 before supply and demand find a balance.

Demand (from Apple) keeps growing and we can’t meet it all. Apple may have to delay launches of the iPad for some countries due to tight component supplies and strong demand.

We are considering increasing production lines for iPad products but overall supply is likely to remain tight until early next year.

While it may feel weird to be buying gifts for the holiday season this far in advance, unless you want to be hitting up eBay and paying a huge premium, you’re going to need to bite the bullet and do it now.

Course, if you have a ton of money sitting around and feel like making some more this holiday season … I would never suggest you buy up a couple and sit on them for a month or two …

What say you?  Do you think the iPad will be in short supply this holiday shopping season?