Now that the dust has settled from nerve-inducing NFL conference championship games that went into overtime, it's time to look forward to Super Bowl LIII. I'm sorry New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs, this doesn't include you any more. Although, I do feel for the Saints. Tough way to go out.

If you are a New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams fan, then you are probably excited to see your team play in the biggest football game of the year. It's a culmination of months of hard work that gives them a shot at history and a legacy as a champion. As a fan, you will need new gear to properly represent your NFL team and we have found some great suggestions.

This particular list focuses on the New England Patriots but we also have a list of the Best LA Rams gear so they won't feel too left out. Here is the best Patriots Super Bowl gear.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

This stainless steel is a great way to represent your football team on the way to work while sipping that morning cup of joe. It holds 20 ounces and look great. $30

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Garden Flag

This double-sided garden flag is the best way to let everyone on the block know where your NFL allegiance stands and that's with the New England Patriots. $16

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Logo Decal

One of the easiest ways to represent your teams is to slap on a decal on the back of your rear car window. This official NFL decal of the Patriots Flying Elvis logo will go great. $5

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Can Cooler

On the big day, you'll be watching the game drinking a can of beer to offset the nerves and this set of can coolers with the Patriots logo on top of the football pigskin finish will keep your beer nice and cool throughout the game. $6 [Pro Shop]

Logo PopSocket

Whether you are watching the game from your home or are in the stadium, the Patriots PopSocket is a great way to add some added protection and grip to your smartphone and also show your team spirit. $20 [Pro Shop]

Funko Pop Figure

Snagging a Funko Pop Figure depicting your favorite football player, in this case Rob Gronkowski, is a fun and whimsical way to show off your team support at your desk or by your bed stand. Plus, you can never have enough of Gronk in your life. $15 [Pro Shop]

2019 Calendar

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest game of the year for Patriots fans, but there are 365 other days to keep track of. This Patriots 2019 calendar keeps tracks of your entire year showing off a pristine image of 12 different Patriots players including Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. $18 [Pro Shop]

Fidget Spinner

During the big game, Patriots fans will be really excited to see their teams play in the big game but also really nervous. It could either be a really fun day if they win, or a really bad day if they lose. This Patriots fidget spinner will help combat the nerves throughout the game. $3 [Pro Shop]

Sports Knit Beanie

This New Era New England Patriots knit beanie will keep your head warm in the lead up to the Super Bowl, especially as some parts of the country suffer through some really intense winters. $16

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Tom Brady Jersey

You can't have a Patriots gear guide without including a selection for the jersey. It's by far the best way to represent your team, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. Beyond the big game, you'll also wear it for the foreseeable future because Tom Brady is a living legend and as a Patriots fan you have a civic duty to own his jersey. $120 [NFL Shop]

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