The Super Bowl LIII matchup is set: It's the New England Patriots, the perennial contender, taking on the Los Angeles Rams, the young and upstart team led by the wunderkind coach.

Patriots fans have been to this rodeo before but it's been a while since the Rams did. 17 years to be exact when they were the St. Louis Rams and were known as the Greatest Show on Turf. Now that they are back to being title contenders, Rams fans will want to restock on great gear to represent their team, especially as they participate in the biggest football game of the year.

We already covered some great Patriots gear, now we're moving on the the Rams. Here is the best Rams Super Bowl gear.

License Plate Frame

One of the biggest self-expressions a person has is their car, and as such, when you are a fan of a team, you want to show who you are rooting for. This Rams license plate frame does just for Los Angeles Rams fans. $17

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Chrome Car Emblem

Speaking of expressing your rooting interesting in your car, this Rams emblem that can be stuck onto the rear of your car that will emblazon your car with the iconic charging Rams logo. $9

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Money Clip Cardholder

Those two options were for more showy people, but in case you like to keep things quiet but still represent your team, this Money Clip Cardholder with the Rams logo is a great way to do so. $19

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Key Lanyard

One of the best accessories you can own is a key lanyard as it not only makes your keys easily accessible and hard to lose, it is also a blank canvas to best show off the things you are passionate about. As a Rams fans, your team is one of them and this lanyard does just that. $8 [Fanatics]

Fleece Throw

Trying to keep warm on those frigid winter nights leading up to the  Super Bowl? This fleece throw that is outlined by an outsized Rams logo will keep you warm while still standing strong with your team ready to take down Tom Brady with numerous sacks. $19

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Pullover Rams Jersey

Another way to keep warm is this Rams pullover hoodie in the classic navy blue color scheme with the white accents that truly represents the city of Los Angeles. $60 [NFL Shop]

2018 NFC Champions Frame

The Rams victory over the New Orleans Saints was one of the biggest wins in the history of the franchise and you can commemorate the epicness of the game with this 2018 NFC Champions frame that pays homage that epic 26-23 overtime thriller. $50 [NFL Shop]

Beach Towel

We're really far away from the summer season but not for Rams fans as it is perpetually summer in Los Angeles year round. As such, it's good to keep a beach towel handy and this one just so happens to also have the Rams logo. $20 [NFL Shop]

Dynamic Mug

There are few things as comforting as drinking that cup of coffee in the morning to bring you to life. This Rams mug provides a way to root for your time while still partaking in this morning ritual. $14 [NFL Shop]

iPhone Case

The most valuable possession we own nowadays is our smartphones. It's also one of the easiest ways to represent the Los Angeles Rams with this slick case for the iPhone that wears the Rams blue and white colors. $30 [Skinit]

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