Best garbage bags TechnoBuffalo 2020

There are plenty of items that you need to keep your home in ship-shape, but you may not often think of garbage bags. You use them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, the backyard, and even in the bedroom. Having the right garbage bags for you and your home is essential, and we've collected the best of the best for you here.

Best overall: Solimo tall kitchen bags

Staff Pick

When it comes to picking up kitchen trash bags, you don't want to spend twenty minutes debating the pros and cons. You want a product that will get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Solimo Tall Kitchen Bags has a 13-gallon capacity and is built to take everything you throw at it. You can snag these bags in a variety of quantities too, making it easy to grab as many as you'll need for a few months, all at once. Each bag features red drawstrings at the closures, so you never have to fight to get the bag closed up when it's full and ready to go out for garbage collectors!

$15 at Amazon

Runner up: Glad tall kitchen trash bag

Brand recognition means that when you go into a shop to snag necessities, you don't need to spend extra weighing one feature against another. Glad Tall Kitchen Bags have a force-flex design to let you clean up, without worrying about the bag tearing when you remove it from your garbage bin. These bags fit a 13-gallon trash can and have an odor shield to ensure your kitchen doesn't smell when it's time to take out the trash. They include a durable drawstring to close and heft bags out to the bin on trash night too!

$15 at Amazon

For the bathroom: FORID small trash bags

Not all trash cans are the same size. With many shopping outlets moving away from plastic bags, finding a bag that will fit into your bathroom or bedroom trash can isn't always easy. The FORID Small Trash Bags offer an affordable option in a small size. These bags have a 2.6-gallon capacity, making them the perfect size for smaller receptacles. You get five colors and 150 bags in one box, making it one heck of a deal! You can also snag them in a slightly larger 8-gallon size for small office or schoolroom trash cans!

$15 at Amazon

Bottom line

Garbage bags are a necessity in any home, and they go past just the kitchen. They're required to bag up bathroom trash, clean up when you're in the middle of a move, and more. Finding the bag that suits your home and its needs is critical, but that doesn't have to be complicated. Our favorite trash bags are Solimo Tall Kitchen Bags. They feature a 13-gallon capacity, a drawstring closure, and come in a variety of quantities so you can snag as many as you need!

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