Dragon Ball FighterZ is so flippin' good that we're scratching our heads as to why this team-up didn't happen years before. What would you expect when you combine the world's premiere fighting game studio, Arc System Works, with the world's premiere fighting themed anime, Dragon Ball Z? It's a match that was always destined fore greatness, and for once, the haunting curse of bad licensing games didn't get in the way.

Goku and friends stole the thunder from everyone this year! Capcom is still recovering from the Spirit Bomb it got pounded with after Dragon Ball FighterZ punched and kicked its way to the forefront of EVO 2018, and the game even socked Marvel vs Capcom right in the face after supplanting it as the supreme 3 on 3 fighting game of the generation. Dare we say that even Mario and his gang of Super Smash Bros. met their match in 2018?

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We're not joking. While it might not have the various modes or the sheer amount of content, the entire Dragon Ball crowd can throw down with Nintendo's legendary characters in a night of fighting game mayhem.

Naturally, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC version caught on quick, but many found themselves shocked with the superb Nintendo Switch port, which turned out to be no slouch. The release delivered all the recovery powers of a Sensu Bean and gave the game the second wind to fight on into the 2018 holiday season.

Somewhere tucked under this game's flawless combat is a story mode that series fans might care about, but Dragon Ball FighterZ needs no such trivial tacked on modes to thrive. This is a true, blue arcade fighter, bluer than the hair of the strongest Super Saiyans, and it is one we'll be playing years to come… so long as Arc Systems Works doesn't run it into the ground with countless expansions and sequels.

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