Best Game of Thrones Funko Pop! TechnoBuffalo 2022

Now in its last season, HBO's Game of Thrones has reached a level of popularity few shows achieve. As you'd expect, that popularity has spurned the creation of licensed toys, including plenty of Funko Pop! figures depicting the show's most important characters. We've rounded up the best Funko Pop! figures from the Game of Thrones universe.

There are light spoilers for Game of Thrones ahead.

A girl has no name: Arya Stark

Staff pick

If you know, you know. This Funko Pop! figure is based on a younger version of Arya Stark, but she's no less fierce in battle. If you're following the show, you know that Arya became one of the series' most legendary characters overnight.

$12 at Amazon

Undead nightmare: White Walker on Horse

How can something look so cute yet so terrifying at the same time? This Funko Pop! depicts a White Walker riding a noble steed — and an undead steed at that. I don't know why anyone would place this on a desk or bookshelf, because those wide eyes are simply bone-chilling.

$27 at Amazon

You know nothing: Jon Snow Sitting on Iron Throne

Jon Snow's title has changed and evolved in surprising ways over the years. If you're caught up with the show, then you know how incredible his journey has been — even just in season 7 and season 8. Will he ascend to the Iron Throne?

$21 at Amazon

Staring contest: Bran Stark

From young boy to one of the most mysterious (and powerful) characters in the Game of Thrones universe, this Funko Pop! figure shows Bran Stark in his current form. For good measure, the figure equips Bran with a knife, just in case he needs to resort to violence.

$11 at Amazon

Nightmare fuel: Night King on Dragon

Is there any sight more terrifying than the Night King riding an undead dragon? It seems almost unfair that a leader with an undead army has an ice dragon at his every beck and call. Still, it makes for a fantastic Funko Pop! figure.

$25 at Amazon

Deadly ruler: Night King Sitting on Iron Throne

Speaking of the Night King, the fear has been that the deadly villain would end up on the Iron Throne. Honestly, the Iron Throne suits him — at least in this Funko Pop!, which imagines what a world might look like with the Night King in charge.

$23 at Amazon

Fierce warrior: Brienne of Tarth

If there's one truth in Game of Thrones it's: "you don't mess with Brienne of Tarth." She is a noble and powerful warrior who has slain her share of foes in the HBO show, making her one of the best characters.

$12 at Amazon

Some wine, please: Tyrion Sitting on Iron Throne

The Hand to the Queen has never bothered himself with visions of grandeur, but could his destiny find him on the Iron Throne? This Funko Pop! imagines what it would be like for the Lannister outcast to one day rule over Westeros.

$24 at Amazon

Burning up: Daenerys on Dragon

When Daenerys sits atop her dragon, you know someone is going to die. This Funko Pop! depicts Daenerys in an earlier season of the show as she was attempting to make her claim to the Iron Throne.

$49 at Amazon

Lord of Light: Beric Dondarrion

With a patch over his eye and a deep scar on his forehead, Beric Dondarrion has been through a lot in Game of Thrones. In addition to this beautifully detailed design, the Funko Pop! also includes his iconic flame sword.

$48 at Amazon

Rightful heir: Daenerys Sitting on Iron Throne

Does this Funko Pop! foretell the Targaryan's future? Since her debut, Daenerys's mission has been to take her place on the Iron Throne, amassing armies and shedding blood along the way.

$21 at Amazon

Queen Lannister: Cersei Lannister Sitting on Iron Throne

The biggest threat to Winterfell and the rest of Westeros could be Cersei Lannister, who currently sits on the Iron Throne as the Army of the Dead marches beyond the wall. Whether she'll be on the Iron Throne when all is said and done remains to be seen.

$21 at Amazon

A survivor: Lord Varys

Lord Varys's role has been diminished over the past few seasons, but you can't discount his survivor spirit. He remains an integral advisor to Daenerys and a calming (and sarcastic) figure among the chaos.

$9 at Amazon

Dothraki leader: Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo's time in HBO's Game of Throne was brief but it sure is lasting, as people still talk about the character all these years later. Although he looks tough, he proved to be kind and loving to Daenerys. He lives on as the namesake of Daenerys's favorite dragon, Drogon.

$18 at Amazon

He's back: Gendry

Gendry became somewhat of a joke after disappearing for several seasons, but the capable blacksmith is back and has become an important character in the final season. He has been around since the beginning, but will he still be around when all is said and done?

$11 at Amazon

Death is here: Night King

The terrifying Night King makes for a terrifying Funko Pop!. The figure features the character's signature look, complete with icy blue eyes that could pierce the toughest of dragon skin.

$12 at Amazon

Stay away: Children of the Forest

One of the original inhabitants of Westeros, the Children of the Forest only briefly appear in HBO's Game of Thrones, but they're shown to play a key role in the creation of White Walkers. Maybe this Funko Pop! can do the same to your co-workers once it's on your desk.

$8 at Amazon

Cute pup: Ghost

Ghost was one of six direwolves found by House Stark and was adopted and raised by Jon Snow. The direwolf's appearance is notable for his white fur and red eyes, making him one of the more unique creatures in Game of Thrones. He remains loyal to Jon after all these years.

$17 at Amazon

A game of fire and ice

Whether you enjoy George R.R. Martin's books or HBO's show (or both), there's no arguing the quality of these Funko Pop! figures, which display the franchise's most important characters in impressive detail.

If you're a fervent follower of the show, you can understand why our top pick is of Arya Stark, whose journey has seen her become incredibly important to the overall narrative. After Season 8 Episode 3, she's more than earned her place among the show's most legendary characters.

Of course, you can't have an interesting story without an interesting villain, which is why we also recommend the Night King riding his terrifying ice dragon. It'll look awesome displayed on your desk and also scare co-workers away.

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