Getting the most out of your phone on a single charge can be tricky. Then you’re left connecting to a wall outlet or using a portable charger. There’s something a little easier than both, though. You can get a battery case for the Galaxy S9 that takes power with you anywhere but drops the need for extra wires. Since it’s a case, you’ll also add a layer of protection for that expensive purchase.

Here are some of the best battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

ZeroLemon Battery Case (4700mAh / 5200mAh)

  • Price: $40, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black

Before you run out and grab a battery case from any brand, do your homework. There are brands you should and should not trust. ZeroLemon is a safe choice. It’s been around for years, creating accessories for mobile devices of all types. The battery case it makes for the Galaxy S9 includes a 4700mAh unit to charge the phone to completion one time and then half a second time.

ZeroLemon also made its battery case with protection in mind. This accessory features a TPU-based construction to shield against scratches and other damage.

You’ll always know the battery level, too. There are four colors that indicate how your battery case is doing. The light also lets you know the charging status of your Galaxy S9. And, if the battery case does run out of juice on its own, you can charge your phone while it’s still connected. The USB-C port for the battery case will feed power directly to your phone.

This battery case is appealing because, in addition to the brand being trustworthy, you’re not paying a fortune. ZeroLemon also throws in a year-long warranty with the $40 price tag. Any problems? Contact the customer relations team, and ZeroLemon will help immediately.

Buy now: Amazon (Galaxy S9), Amazon (Galaxy S9+)

Mophie Juice Pack (2070mAh)

  • Price: $100
  • Color(s): Black

Mophie, which is owned by ZAGG, announced a battery case for the Galaxy S9 immediately following the launch event in February. The brand behind various power-focused accessories is throwing its support behind Samsung’s latest flagship because, well, it’ll be a global hit. Mophie is attaching a high price to the Juice Pack, but you’re getting exactly what you pay for. You can’t be in better hands when it comes to batteries in accessories.

The Juice Pack includes a 2070mAh unit. While that may not seem like much, you should be able to top off the battery as long as it’s not drained to zero. It’s a size that also means you’re not adding a significant amount of thickness to the Galaxy S9.

Buy now: Amazon (Galaxy S9), Amazon (Galaxy S9+)

Elebase Battery Case (4700mAh)

  • Price: $27, eligible for Prime shipping
  • Color(s): Black

Battery cases run expensive, so you can save some money by going with Elebase’s offering. The accessory boasts a 4700mAh unit that gets through more than a single cycle of charging for the Galaxy S9. Elebase also inserted an LED power indicator for updates on the battery case’s own health. So you’ll know when it needs to be charged as well.

It does also protect against potential damage. The exterior is made of a scratch-resistant material, and the bezel is raised to keep the Galaxy S9’s display from rubbing any tough or gritty surfaces. Also, there’s a year-long warranty bundled with the battery case in the event something happens to your new accessory.

Elebase’s battery case is that sweet balance between functionality and affordability. You’re paying just $27 with free shipping, but you’re still receiving a big amount of portable juice ready.

Buy now: Amazon (Galaxy S9), Amazon (Galaxy S9+)