The opportunities for enjoying and investing in smart tech are seemingly endless. Since the choices are so numerous, many specialized products exist for people with particular interests. This list appeals to curious, ambitious music-lovers and instrumentalists alike.

1. The Wavy Music App

Many marketers use augmented reality (AR) to help people experience products or services in immersive ways not possible without the technology. The team behind the Wavy Music app, which is available for iOS, makes music and art-related AR experiences available to users.

As people move throughout their environments and hear songs, they get exposed to AR content that brings another facet to the sensory input. Besides the enjoyment aspect, musicians could use the app to find new fans that might not otherwise come across the songs.

2. The LOVE Turntable

Vinyl record sales are hitting high points, indicating people still appreciate the vintage characteristics records offer. The LOVE Turntable gives music lovers a high-tech solution for spinning their favorites.

It sandwiches a record between a round base and a top portion that looks similar to an elongated computer mouse. This setup makes the turntable extremely portable and excellent for parties.

The turntable has built-in sensors that detect the size of the record and the number of tracks. Plus, it connects to any separate Bluetooth speaker for hassle-free sound output. Users rely on an accompanying app to control the turntable, helping them change tunes without leaving the couch.

The first of these high-tech turntables should ship in January 2019. But, it's not surprising why consumers and media outlets alike are already buzzing about the product.

3. The Oddball Drum Machine

Marketed as "the drum machine crammed into a ball," this gadget could be a disruptive item for beat-makers who find their artistry hindered by small spaces and the lack of a complex setup. The Oddball is pressure sensitive, and it connects to headphones. Then, people hear feedback as they bounce the ball against a surface or tap and scrape the exterior.

Moreover, the accompanying app allows changing the sounds of the beats produced, adding effects and recording the rhythms to share with friends. People can preorder the gadget on Indiegogo and expect the first shipments to arrive in January 2019.

4. The BOSS Katana-Air Wireless Amplifier

When people shop for guitar amplifiers, they typically review watts when looking at spec sheets. The typical wattage can range from about five watts to as high as 200. The watts relate to power and determine how loud the volume can get before the sound output starts breaking up.

Portability is also a tremendous concern, especially for people who travel between practice rooms, rehearsal spaces, venues and other buildings with their gear. The Katana-Air amplifier from Boss allows playing without guitar cords. It even can run on batteries, making this amp a great choice for buskers.

An amplifier app permits editing or organizing sound clips or playing along with songs streamed from a smartphone. There are EQ and amp sound effects featured in the app, too.

5. The Apple HomePod Smart Speaker

It's become progressively harder for music lovers to pick smart speakers, especially since several brands have music-first versions that offer fantastic sound quality. However, one of the standout aspects of the Apple HomePod is that independent tests confirm the brand's claims of its sound quality.

People who've used the speaker praise how the speaker adjusts to the dimensions of a room so that the output sounds fantastic anywhere in a home. Also, the compact size of the speaker makes it a good choice for people who live in small abodes.

6. The Nonda Zus Universal HD Car Audio Adapter

Long car trips can become frustrating, especially because of heavy traffic or long stretches of driving without enough rest breaks. Fortunately, a soundtrack could cause the negatives to outweigh the positives. This car adapter lets high-definition sound fill the cabin and has a streamlined shape that doesn't crowd the dash area.

The gadget connects to the FM radio or an AUX port. In addition to the wireless music-streaming capabilities, the Nonda Zus allows placing hands-free calls thanks to its integrated microphone.

Then, people sync the adapter with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and use the gadget's easily accessible buttons to change tracks without getting overly distracted. The auto-connect feature also makes the Nonda Zus recognize previously used smartphones in range and connect to them without user input.

Great for gifts or to treat yourself

The next time a person needs to buy a gift for a die-hard music fan, this list gives them a good start — or if music aficionados want to reward themselves with some cool new tech, the items above could narrow down purchasing options. Play away!

Photo by Juja Han

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